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  1. Not News??? "Oh! Brutto Fiugura!!!", Mama Mia! I Notta know this a CNN(+N) Forum!! Scussi! Marni Regrette'!! Will this ! go on My permanent Record??? ~~~Note to self 1~~~~,... DON'T EVER criticise Plink Floyd or the EAGLES, (They won't thank You for it!)
  2. Yeh, I coulda included the Dead Kens but I only had 10 slots to fill & I'd rather have the Germs or X! LA Punk doesn't rattle my stick! Too derivitive and doesn't speak to Me the Way Patti Smith & The Saints do. Their FIRST single "California, Uber alles" was released in June 1979 so they were (though not technically I admitt) more an 80's Phenomena! MC5? Ummm, "Legs" Armstrong coined the term "Punk" as a name for for his Magazine that was covering the Music that was coming outta CBGB's and MC 5 were'nt a part of that. Theres so many bands I coulda included but I didn't! I won't
  3. I'm New here and it seems to that this forum is dominated by Big 70's dinosaur Bands like Pink-Floyd, America, the Eagles and other crap like that! This is a list of my "best of" 70's Punk. Feel free to Critcise, Comment, Trash or Contribute! 1.White Riot, The Clash 2.Pretty Vacant, The Sex Pistols 3.(I'm) Stranded. The Saints 4.Bltzkrieg Bop, The Ramones 5.London calling, The Clash 6.Lust for life, Iggy POP 7 God save the Queen. the Sex Pistols. 8.Barbed wire love, Stiff little fingers. 9.Hey Joe, Patti Smith 10. Paralytic to-night, Dublin tommorrow/ Don't send Me roses(E.P) The
  4. Just like You can't put/develope classic Emulsion-based film in a Digital Camera, you can't put a CD on in an MP3 player! The world has changed and Thom once again, is at the cutting edge!
  5. Yerrr, Where are the Ramones, Iggy Pop and the Stooges? These 2 bands were the inspiration for at least 3 of the bands listed (Clash, Sex-P's and U2), and coutless others! Music was NEVER the same after them! Shurley they should have got a gig? I mean, who apart from ELO and 10CC did the Beatles inspire? The NY Dolls were around at the time of the Ramones but MC5 and Iggy were far stronger, and better role models!
  6. She had My balls in a vice but she left the dick, I guess it's still hooked on but now it shoots too Quick!....(Frank Zappa Bobby Brown). I played it at my My kids Party last Year. Their friends will never forget that One. & My kids won't let Me forget it either!!
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