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  1. Dave Mustaine of Megadeth sometimes speaks in their songs. What's annoying is when David Lee Roth starts talking in Van Halen songs.
  2. Dave Mustaine-Five Magics Kirk Hammett-Damage, Inc. Slash-Sweet Child O' Mine Zakk Wylde-Fire It Up Oz Fox-The Way Angus Young-Shake a Leg Eddie Van Halen-Eruption Alex Lifeson-Working Man Mick Mars-Kickstart My Heart Rudolf Schenker-Still Loving You
  3. Play With Me by Extreme had an amazing ending.
  4. St. Anger by Metallica. What a horrible album...
  5. An awesome protest song is pretty much anything political from Megadeth. Like: Set the World Afire, Hook in Mouth, Rust in Peace...Polaris, Architecture of Aggression, Amerikhastan, United Abominations, etc.
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