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  1. My congrats to both as well . Carl-Mr.September- pulls off the biggest possible underdog win . Good job ! ... and thanks to all again for sticking it out through a long season! Always my favorite leagues to play in, though I sucked royally this season , and it looks like football is going to be just as bad !lol!
  2. I think Id rather be Evil One than _Kevin_ !lol!
  3. BTW , the draft is done and remember there is a game on Thursday , so get those guys in if you want them to play .
  4. Not good enough ...lol ...green pea soup on you TP ! Your mother was a bore ! And shucked with fishermen ! Hes still in me !lol! Wheres YOUR host NOW ,little ones ?!?!
  5. Hi lea , and all .Yeah , if a mod can change my persona back to Kevin ,Id appreciate it . This Evil One thing kinda bugs me .
  6. Yep gonna call for the draft now ,but it will take a few hours at least .
  7. Thanks Carole .Hurry up ,then Carl .We will need to draft by Tuesdat at the latest,I think . If you dont wanna play , we need to drum one more up as we have only 7 and need an even number to play .Thanks to all who signed up so quickly .Get your draft picks ready or pre-set draft.
  8. Can someome pt Carl and invite him if hes not already in ? Thanks . We have seven so there is room for 1 more .
  9. Ok .Deleted it and started again; Songfactor's Gridiron 2010 ID # 664137 password:carl
  10. League name: Songfacts 2010 Password : Carl Go ahead and join ! Asap !
  11. Hmm .Its me Kevin ...How did I end up with this ID ? I had to get a new log in password , but this aint cool ...
  12. Hey all .Long time ;no speak . So ,your up for some football , eh ? Well ,unless MC has gone ahead and made on already ,I can throw togrther a league-same as last years -tomorrow .Give a shout if you wanna play .
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