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  1. ... and sometimes Mathias Grassow. Who do YOU sleep with? LBB
  2. And here it is: http://open.spotify.com/user/leeborkman/playlist/0RvFkwMtG0PJPIa8LdnRRQ ... or: spotify:user:leeborkman:playlist:0RvFkwMtG0PJPIa8LdnRRQ LBBB
  3. Fortunately, I have awesome site-sucking/text-extracting skills, and there is actually more info in the 35-page thread. I could make a playlist containing just the PTT Number Ones, for example... in fact, I think I'll do that right now, mwhahaha!! LBBBB
  4. That's strange about Canadlia being excluded. It's been here in Australia for a few years now. I resisted for a long time, but now I am a total convert. Decades ago, Frank Zappa prophesied a future in which you could phone up an audio library containing every recording ever made, and listen to it for a few cents. And here we are, almost there. The holes in their catalog are shrinking fast, and for my $10/mth I have instant and unfettered access to the biggest music library ever compiled. I have explored more music in the past few months than at any time in my life. In other words, when you can get it, get it ;-) LBBB
  5. Heya, I figured that since the most recent post on that thread was in 2008, that I should go for something a bit more current ;-)
  6. Hi guys, It's been a while... Been sucked into the Spotify vortex, and thought I'd try my hand at putting together a Spotify playlist with ALL of the songs that have ever made it into any SongFactors Choice Top Ten list. So i trawled my way through the 35 page archive of top tens, extracted titles and artists for about 4000 tracks, and dumped them into to Spotify to see what came out the other end. Now Spotify, which may be the greatest resource for any music fan that i have ever come across, does have some obvious gaps in its catalog - no Beatles, Led Zep or Ac/Dc - but what *is* there is quite staggering. So, here it is: my "Songfactors Choice Top Ten lists" playlist ...that's 3000+ songs, chosen and certified by you guys and your collective genius. I've been giving it a bit of a listen, and there's some pretty good stuff in there ;-) I hope I've done all the right things to make it accessible to you all. Let me know how you go. Thanks heaps, See you around, LeeBB ps, I'm not really sure how best to share Spotify playlists. This URL might work better. Who knows?
  7. Well, those rugby sweaters are what we would jsut call "jumpers". They're not sporting wear, just your basic middle-of-winter attire. And the little guy on the top right... yes, that's me. I would have been seven years old. Missouri? There's an Easybeats song about Missouri... Yes, a beautiful place, but getting a bit too crowded for my wife ;-) See ya. Thanks for playing! Lee.
  8. Well, I was the youngest kid in the school, and the youngest member of the swimming team. And I grew up to look like Frank Black.
  9. So, which of these is me? Should be easy enough to spot the PatsyCline/FrankBlack lookalike: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/EoBjTb2uR6AALqLep_eDOQ?feat=directlink And I've always found you a striking looking man...
  10. Not many clothes worn in Australia either. Clothes just provide hiding places for funnel webs and brown snakes. "Shed girl", eh? Many years since anyone's called me that. (You do know that the person in my avatar is not actually me, don't you? I look more like Frank Black.) L.
  11. This is my place, MT: http://slyfox-productions.com/images/panoramas.cfm See if you can spot one wife and at least two naked children. Everybody in Australia has a place like this, you know. Lots of space. Not many people. If you ever make it up from "somewhere, deep", you should visit. Love...
  12. Here's my shed: http://slyfox-productions.com/images/panoramas.cfm?image=driveway_and_tress_enhanced.jpg Big enough for 12 panels, two horse floats, a workshop, and a whole huge heap of junk. See ya! LB
  13. Hi everyone, I've been very slack, not keeping up with what's happening around here, but the truth is that I have been quite busy, sitting up late late late in my kangaroo-besieged kitchen, working away at this little project. And now, it's done, and I've sent it out into the world, and here is a photo of my little creation... that's the one there on the right, sitting at #2 in the New And Noteworthy word games section of the iTunes App Store. ("Sly Fox" is me, btw) Now I'll be the first to admit that it's not the most creative way to spend one's time, but I'll also say that I'm very proud of it. I won't put links in, because I don't want to sell you guys anything... I'm just bragging about it really ;-) It's actually turned into quite a good little earner, currently making me almost as much money as the 12 solar panels on my shed roof, so that's a cup of coffee a day and sometimes enough left over for a bit of lamington (look it up). That's all there is. Thanks for the indulgence, LeeBB
  14. Very disappointed about Avril Lavigne's song "Girlfriend", which would be a great song for my kids, but she drops the full-on mofo, and all for no good reason that I can see... just dumped there in the middle of a perfectly poppy pop song. Idiot.
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