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  1. A whiles back, I posted a question, looking for a medieval or renaissance sort-of song for the first dance at my wedding in a castle next year. I got a lot of suggestions, but nothing has clicked. So I thought, since we're also including elements of our heritage (English) in the wedding, and we're planning to go to the UK for the honeymoon, then I could use a first dance song with references to England, London, etc. Any ideas? Thanks again for the help!
  2. racingfan

    Looking for love song with imagery from UK

    Wow, that's kind of weird -- "Through the Eyes of Love" is one of the songs we are considering, especially if I never find an English or medieval themed-song that my fiance and I both like. That is such a beautiful song.
  3. racingfan

    Looking for love song with imagery from UK

    My only problem with Greensleeves is the lyrics. They're so mournful. Really, I keep running into that with a lot of otherwise great love songs...
  4. racingfan

    Looking for love song with imagery from UK

    LOL -- Yeah, I always said the same thing, quick trip to the courthouse or Vegas and bam, we're married. Funny how things change... Actually, the planning is kind of fun except for this &%$*!(#$ first dance song! I can't for the life of me find a good medieval or Renaissance-themed love song anywhere that both fiance and I like, so I thought maybe switching the song theme would help. I've been searching metal, medieval folk, and nothing seems right (and yes, I know about Blackmore's Night, but sadly, none of their love songs seem to fit for me). Open to any and all ideas!
  5. Rocky, sung by Austin Roberts. Always makes me choke up!
  6. I had posted not long ago, asking for suggestions for a medieval or Renaissance-themed song for the first dance at my wedding next year. You guys had some great suggestions, and I've found a lot more new music. But I'm just not "feeling it" with most of the medieval songs, and since our wedding also has a castle theme, a fairytale theme, and an English theme (we're mixing things up a bit), I realized I could go in another direction. So that said, does anyone have any suggestions for either love songs that mention castles a lot or any that make you think of London or old England? Thanks again for all of your suggestions!
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    "Castle In the Clouds" covers?

    I never even knew that site existed! Cool! Weird no one else has covered it though...wasn't it a hit for her?
  8. Does anyone know if anyone has ever done a cover of the Beverly Craven song "Castle in the Clouds"?
  9. Hello, I am getting married next year and even though it's not something that absolutely has to be done, I thought it would be nice for our "first dance" song to be related somehow with our theme: medieval/renaissance/castles/knights, etc. So far, we've come up with "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera, but I want to explore all of my options. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much!!
  10. racingfan

    Medieval/Renaissance-themed love songs?

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I still haven't quite found the perfect one, but there were some good listens in that list! Still open to ideas. All I really want is a soft ballad that deals with love and fairytale-ish imagery. Not sure if what I'm looking for exists...