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  1. Random Thursday night and your with 5 close friends. You've only got 3 selections left on the Juke Box at the bar you're at and the only artist available is Stevie Wonder. What are your 3 picks? I'd probably do something like this: -Living for the City -For once in my life -Sir Duke
  2. In no order at all.. Boston, Toto, Winger, America, Doobie Bros., Steely Dan, Quiet Riot, REO Speedwagon, 3 Doors Down, C&K, Lifehouse, Stevie Wonder, Counting Crows, Black Crowes, The Police, Indigo Girls, Santana, Jose Faliciano, Pepper, Hall & Oates, KISS, Aerosmith, Night Ranger, INXS, Flock of Seagulls, Robert Palmer, and a few more that have been lost along with brain cells while attending the others.
  3. Stevie Nicks Natalie Merchant Aretha Franklin
  4. I know it came during the time when glam-rock was making way for the Grunge movement (and it seemed Rock bands were required to pump out as many power ballads and acoustic numbers as possible), but I'd throw Tesla's 5 Man Acoustical Jam in the mix. Signs was a good initial release. Lodi The Way it is Love Song Paradise
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