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  1. I'm the boy with the dark hair talking to the CBS reporter. Thanks for the welcome.
  2. I was at the show with the good fourtune to have an all access pass to be on the stage, field, and backstage. It was all that's been said and then some for me. I did not see Jimi onstage or backstage at all. I did however come out of the Mets dugout right where you were sitting and pose for a photo with Janis taken by a fan right behind it. If anybody knows of this photo please contact me, I am listed in Nyack N.Y. BTW I am the young man intervewed at Shea in "The Beatles Anthology" This can be seen on Youtube by pluging in Beatles Shea 1965 It is in the clip that is 9:57 long. Posted by: Paul Mastranda | January 6, 2008
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