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  1. I have a few double albums but my favorites would probably be: the Lamb lies down on broadway-Genesis the wall- Pink floyd yessongs-yes(duh!) keys to assension 1- yes Matt
  2. knocking on heaven's door by Guns N' Roses is the best cover song that I have heard :guitar:
  3. wish you were here-pink floyd stairway to heaven-at least until the solo!-Led Zeppellin
  4. I saw yes on August 27 in the PNC arts center. It was great. they still sound just as good as they did when they firt made the music. They played the clap.
  5. I saw about a year ago, a band named the musical box that covers genesis music. I went thinking that it would ok, after all, they are just a cover right? Wrong! I was completely blown away by the concert. I never saw anything like it. They recreated the concerts almost exactly as they were in the seventies. If you want to see for yourself, check out their site. You can compare original genesis pictures with them. If you are a genesis fan, I seriously recomend seeing them. currently they are doing the Lamb tour. matt :guitar:
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