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  1. 1) No, I thought it was about a whore house. 2) No.
  2. johnny

    Song Game II

    You Can Call me Al - Paul Simon
  3. Like... Jefferson Airplane's 'Surrealistic Pillow' album?
  4. Daria and Rocko's Modern Life... But they have not been released on DVD yet, although there are huge petitions.... Is anyone here a fan of Daria?
  5. Like 'The Birth Of Venus'....
  6. Like People who cut off their ears?
  7. Cookies White chocolate or dark chocolate?
  8. I'm not to sure who he is... You know the comedian David O'Doherty?
  9. Cheesecake (I HATE SHORTCAKE!) Cake or coffee?
  10. True... Your a fan of Demetri Martin?
  11. There's a cool little flash I am quite addicted to at the moment called N. It's quite simple but the physics are incredible.
  12. True... Idiots play death metal music right by you and you can hear it late at night? (like I can right now)
  13. I thought about were I should put it too. But I do think this is the only place it fits.
  14. Dear Edna, Why do you encourage revenge on peoples boss'? And where would you get a cage full of rats? (I don't want to know, yeah, um, friend does...) Interested and slighty mischeivous.
  15. Get Out Of This - Dinosaur Jr That's funny you said that because....
  16. True... Child birth isn't that much of a miracle...
  17. True... But they have to expect what comes with it and not complain...
  18. False, most of them destroy there own lives... You knew a child star, even if they weren't that famous...
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