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  1. rockstar-101

    Rock song with the music from Son of Preacher Man?

    Thanks a bunch...oh yeah, totally screwed that song name up haha thanks; I keep forgetting to change that in my itunes :]
  2. My friend told me she heard a song on the radio that used the music from the song Son of Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield. She said the song sounded like Cypress Hill because it reminded her of Insane in the Membrane but she couldn't find the song online. The radio station plays "hard classic rock" which to them is metallic, led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Cypress Hill, Rage Against the machine, music like that. I don't have any lyrics which makes the song so hard to find but I really want to hear it! Thanks for the help :]
  3. rockstar-101

    Songs to sing at a political event?

    Fortunate Son: CCR For What It's Worth: Buffalo Springfield (most people know this song as Stop Hey whats that sound) Volunteers: Jefferson Airplane War Pigs: Black Sabbath
  4. rockstar-101

    Songs with Sequels

    So I'm not sure if this is right but I believe that the whole Tommy album by The Who kinda fits into this category...the album tells the story of Tommy...at least I think (I'm probably wrong)
  5. rockstar-101

    Cover Songs in Differing Languages

    This is one of my favorite cover songs: Marie Douceur, Marie Colère (Paint It Black) by Marie Laforet it can be found on the Femmes de Paris, Vol. 1 cd (which has some other cover songs in french, I know for sure a cover of These Boots Are Made For walking is on that cd)
  6. rockstar-101

    Dry Your Tears . . .

    OMG, I love Forever by Papa Roach; it's such a beautiful song! It's my ringtone! I can't get enough of this song.
  7. rockstar-101

    who sings this song as seen on Real World Sydney

    Heres a link that has all the songs listed but I'm not sure which one it is or if its on there; I think if it was a recent episode then it takes a bit for the list to get updated. Wiki link
  8. rockstar-101

    Random Online Games & Quizzes

    I posted this in a different thread but it fits much better here (thanks Farin for the link). The Name of the quiz speaks for it's self. I did pretty bad (I can't remember my score, I took it yesterday): The Almost Impossible Rock Quiz by RS magazine
  9. rockstar-101

    Random Music Thoughts IV

    So I didn't want to start a new thread for this (cause it's not that special) and this seems like a good place for it. Super hard rock quiz by rolling stone magazine...I know most of y'all on here are music geniuses I figure this might give you some sort of challenge. Enjoy: The Almost Impossible Rock Quiz by RS Magazine
  10. rockstar-101

    Most overplayed songs on radio

    ugh...don't get me started
  11. So this list doesn't really suprise me; people, that is the goverment, it's agencies and business with connections to the goverment, are always editing and censuring what the public reads about them.
  12. I downloaded this songs because they were labeled Hinder but I know it's not them. It's a male singer and a rock song. It starts: "Flowing slowly through me...(then I can't make out what he says)...she moves beneath me and makes me feel like...(Once again I can't understand a few words)...has my pulse pounding beneath." Some of the corus is (I think): "You don't know what I know...(Can't make out the next line or two) Stay with me tonight." Maybe someone can make sense of all this. Let me know if there is anything else that might help. P.s. I don't know what year.
  13. rockstar-101

    Goodbye stranger - Supertramp

    I like her version...definately nowhere as good as the orginal but it gives the song a different feel
  14. Cash's version is the best!
  15. This one if for Johnny: Roxanne - Fall Out Boy Roxanne: The Police I actually like the Fall Out Boy version...well, I like them, so what can I say.