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  1. hahhaha! Someone somewhere is helping an old lady cross the street.
  2. Hahah they are toes!! someone somewhere is being smiled at
  3. That is halarious!! It just made my day!! somewhere someone is crying because they fell off their bike and got a boo boo
  4. So me and Farin i believe it is were talking about lucid dreams. I myself have never had one and I want to know those who have, and your thoughts about it. If you dont knwo what a lucid dream is it is a dreaming state where you know you are dreaming and you control your dream as your dreaming it so say your on a cliff you tell yourself that you want to fly so you jump off and then your flying but you know at the same time that its all just a dream your controling.
  5. I think that there pretty good. I dissagree with them sounding the same and i do agree with c_s_1987-- "Also, suggesting that "all of their songs sound the same" seems a little off when you compare them with modern punk and emo bands, or most mainstream rap or pop artists." Soo True
  6. Acid Bath is the Best Heavy Metal band ever!! If you havent heard them nad you like metal you need to ASAP!! I was really dissapointed when I looked for them here on Song Facts but couldnt find them if anyone knows how to add songs and stuff please let me know so others like me can look them up.
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