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  1. Off the top of my head; Jimi Hendrix' Band of Gypsys concert would have blown my mind.
  2. Another one I love from the 90's: Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
  3. Post more - feel free by all means, but make sure you number your top three. Others of mine in no specific order: Ten - Pearl Jam Crash - Dave Matthews Band Nevermind - Nirvana The Chronic - Dr. Dre (is rap not spoken here? ) Beck - Odelay Core - Stone Temple Pilots Siamese Dream - Smashing Pumpkins
  4. Only one song comes to mind, Yesterday by Boyz II Men. Story: My brother was in the ICU with leukemia (had been for a couple weeks) and before leaving for work, I put the Boyz II Men (his fav at the time) album on for him to listen to via his Walkman. When I got to work I got a call from a family member that I should come back down to the hospital because my brother had taken "a turn for the worse." When I got there he was gone. I still can't listen to that album, specifically that song, to this day.
  5. What are your three favorite albums from the 1990's? I'd have to go with these off the top of my head: 1). Jar of Flies - Alice In Chains (yeah, I know it was an EP ) 2). Vs. - Pearl Jam 3). Under The Table and Dreaming - Dave Matthews Band Yours?
  6. That's The Way Down By The Seaside
  7. LOL! He can have my lunch money - there isn't any! Just a boring turkey sammich for me on whole wheat.
  8. YES!!! I was going to post it if someone else hadn't.
  9. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding There, that's my contribution.
  10. These were the answers I was looking for, and again, thank you all so much. I think I might hang out here a while, and I might jump in head first. LOL! I love the site, and I'm just now becoming familiar with the forums. I've been coming to the site regularly for about three months now to do research for my List. I'm making a list of my top 100 songs of all time - I know I'm a dork, but this site has really helped me.
  11. Yeah, some clarification is what I'm looking for. Thanks again guys.
  12. I would hope so too, but why the separation between the two groups of posts about a song? Some also have a "Thanks to so and so" after a fact, which leads me to believe that they have been confirmed. Am I wrong in thinking this way?
  13. Just a basic question for you all... The Song Facts posted just below the song info (album title, lyrics link..etc) and above where any average Joe can post his/her feelings on a song, are they confirmed 100% accurate? And if so, by what source? Thanks in advance, CRAW
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