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  1. iv got loads manic street preachers: I eat to little to live and to much to die. adam kay: London undergorun there all greed c**ts i wanna shoot them all with a rifle. (Please not that does not refer to the recent carnage in london) perfect circle: imagine all the people livin life in peace sex pistols: SCREAMIN F******* b***** MESS snow patrol: please dont go crazy if i tell you the truth all that is all my TV fried brain can think of rite now. my love goes out to all of those who were not as fortunate as i was in london yesterday. xxx
  2. i have LOVED the kaiser cheifs since they played @ reading last year and hardly ANY ppl new about them if your bord check out i predict a riot ITS SUCH A GGOOOOOOOODDDDD SONG btw if any1 has heard bout the london bombs and wants more info i be happy to xplain and give deetails
  3. judign by sum of the violence taht goes on in mi school i belive that Lunchbox by MM would be rather appropreate (cnt spel) if u have sen the vid the beatin up bit at the beginin has happend many times... it aint a bad song niether
  4. Definatly the beatles ELIVIS IS DEAD SO LIVE WITH IT ::
  5. The manic street preachers~you love us The beatles~yesterday Nirvana~smells like teen spirit or come as you are?? The sex pistols~ god save the queen or anarchy in the uk i really cant remember
  6. NIRVANA just then VERY closely folowed bi alice in chains or smashing pumpkins
  7. I got a much needed nu bass (YAY) mi sis mucked up mi old 1 big time i also got Generation terrorists by the manic street preachers which is the only album of thers i dnt hav
  8. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH i forgot the manic street preachers witch is really shameful coz ther like my fave band. must kill self must kill self
  9. all of that chavy rubbish and U2 vertigo BURGH, Scissor sisters mary was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dul
  10. hmmm the killers, BABYSHAMBLES, franz ferdinand, BABYSHAMBLES, muse i can't belive it half of my school (which is posh and all girls YUK) claim to be massive rock fans and dont even know who they are (wannabes), hmmm oh yeah BABYSHAMBLES :guitar:
  11. i know it sounds odd but smells like teen spirit reminds me of my grandad who died nearly 5 years ago hmmm the funeral was boring, I love funeral for a freind
  12. my all time faves are the MANIC STREET PREACHERS, but i also love the sex pistols, nirvana, libertines, ramones, Marilyn manson (but i dont get the hole obbsessive fan thing), the beatles, cream, nine inch nails and the list goes on the rasmus SUCK
  13. Hmm my top 5 r 1 Interpol-evil 2 marilyn manson-personal jesus 3 libertines-cant stand me now 4 manic street preachers- empty souls 5 ahtlete- wires
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