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  1. Sorry I missed out on the voting, swamped at work. Good to see The Eagles, was hoping for The Allmans, guess I will try them again...you never know...
  2. Ain't Wasting Time No More ~ Allman Brothers sorry about the sound...not the greatest
  3. Neil Young ~ Sugar Mountain Lynyrd Skynyrd ~ Simple Man Great video with clips of the orginal band.
  4. Crossfire - Stevie Ray Vaughan (1989) Aja - Steely Dan (1977) Some Kind Of Wonderful - Grand Funk Crazy Love - Poco (1978) All Things Must Pass - George Harrison (1970) I Touch Myself - The Divinyls (1991) Coming Around Again - Carly Simon (1987) Empty Pages - Traffic (1970) I Got A Line On You - Spirit (1968) Mr. Soul - Buffalo Springfield (1967)
  5. I was so disappointed in that movie. I have always admired Jeff Bridges and think he's a great actor, but that movie just tanked. Also a waste of James Woods talents too.
  6. Do they still have Howard Johnson's around??
  7. Craving a vacation...will be a long time til I get one and I want that relaxing feeling with no work hassles.
  8. Oh yes the new single is on country stations. My friend told me that the other day. And when you listen to the single it does have a country rock feel to it, it reminded me of early Eagles. I like it, they sound great. I am a little bit peeved that you can only get the album at WalMart. The Eagles giving in to corporate America, big surprise with Don Henley's political views.
  9. I agree with you on that point, that walking up to someone just to say you like their bumper sticker. That is strange, and for a guy to do that to a woman in todays world, not cool.
  10. Shelter ~ Lone Justice Maria McKee, her voice is haunting, with a innocent strong quality sound to it, had to add her to the list.
  11. Ok that is a bit extreme, I did laugh tho, sorry guys... But I wouldn't be that extreme, just if the guy tired to grab you or something along those lines and as I said I would scream and use the panic button on my keys first. I am not violent, honest. Look at my avatar, peace...love...all the good fun stuff!
  12. Well yeah of course, it isn't something you should go around doing but if after the screaming and panic button the guy keeps coming after you and you feel in danger...go for it! They teach you that in self defense class and to use your keys to stab at the guy, just do something to get him down on the ground so you can get away. Didn't mean to come off as a ballbreaker!
  13. Always be on the defense and when in doubt scream, hit the panic button on your keys and if you can, kick the guy in family jewels!
  14. Thanks for the welcome! Gonna jump in head first and see where I come out on this site.
  15. On one hand I'm thrilled on the other wondering what it will be like, I saw Zeppelin and can't imagine what this would be like, different. Been so long since the end of Zeppelin, tough one. But being a fan, I still am excited, never thought I would see this happen, cool!
  16. Carly Simon ~ Coming Around Again 1st nomination, love Carly and this is one of my favs of hers, beautiful song. The Divinyls ~ I Touch Myself 2nd nomination. Great song and Christina Amphlett have an awesome voice.
  17. Because we like to see the famous fall, especially ones who should not be famous in the first place.
  18. Christina Amphlett is sexy and has a sexy seductive voice. I've always thought she should be more popular than she is, a sapphire waiting to sparkle, I chose sapphire because that is a sexy sulty stone, not like a diamond, just kind of there shinning and boring.
  19. I feel sorry for her kids. They didn't ask for a Mom like her, that is sad. And no matter what she does, stupid or otherwise, it keeps her in the news and keeps her famous, if you want to call it that, that kind of fame I imagine most don't want....
  20. I know I'm new here but that is sad, with all the crap going on in this world, this site should be a place where discontent is minimal or none at all. And peace and love doesn't only apply to the 60's is applies to everyday. As does enjoyment and this site is something I see that people on here enjoy very much, no matter their taste in music. Ok, time for the newbie to zip her lips!
  21. No worries, an your qustions wasn't dumb, I just have a wacky sense of humor.
  22. You all really are a tough crowd. It was a jab at the photos released. My bizzare humor.
  23. LOS ANGELES - Earlier this week, a nude photograph of a woman who looked like brunette “High School Musical†star Vanessa Hudgens made the rounds on celebrity Web sites. Now, Hudgens publicist confirms through a statement that the photo is indeed an image of the 18-year-old star. “This was a photo which was taken privately,†a statement from Hudgens’ rep read. “It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public.†The National Enquirer was the first to report on the photograph, which has been picked up across the Web. Hudgens is currently dating her “HSM†co-star, Zac Efron. Guess those behind the scenes parties get wild!!
  24. Yes I agree it would be boring, but I have read some threads where things got somewhat heated, but I will hold you to your thoughts and just jump in head first! You could take that as a warning or a promise!
  25. I know nothing with her in the video...bummer. That song is such a great classic and it is cool how anyone who sings it puts their emotional spin to it and you feel what they are saying with the song. Love it!
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