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  1. Yeah i am clarrifying one of the facts. I posted it here so more people would see it. I was just sick of reading all the untrue facts that i was seeing.
  2. What does all this poverty and war talk have to do with emo?
  3. Ok this is about the Rancid Indestructible CD 2003 I believe. First off its a sweet CD. I started this to let you all know that IT IS NOT ABOUT BRODY DALLE! FALL BACK DOWN ISNT ABOUT BRODY EITHER. If you actually buy the CD and look in the case and read the comments on each song by Rancid themselves you will notice the only song that IS about Brody is Tropical London. No other song is about Brody. I hope all you Rancid fans read this and get educated about your Rancid facts.
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