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  1. I really have no problem with Emo people. They are how they are.
  2. I know some 40 year old Emo people it's not really uncommon
  3. you's so Silly Namahage. It's about time you 'fessed up to it. I was starting to wonder when you'd finally come out of the emo closet.
  4. I've heard of Spambots. I have no clue how they work but I've heard of them. Have you still been getting a bunch of spam?
  5. Emo has become a fad. Most teens aren't calling themselves "Goth" anymore. Most of the Emo teenagers I know are just like normal teenagers only they wear alot of black, but then again most of the teenagers around here like to complain about how bad they thing they have it. Not just Emo teenagers listen to "Emo Music" now though. Everyone listens to a sad music now and then. Emo has become Punk only whiny.
  6. You're asking the wrong person for money I'm broke
  7. I know, and it's become an epidemic. If you don't have myspace you're missing out
  8. I love the Legen of Zelda series I can't belive I didn't think about it yet. I haven't played a Aelda game I haven't likes =P
  9. Yeah the only time I ever see pinball machines is in old laundry mats or hotel lobbies. Arcades are overflowing with racing games, those games with the metal claws, and of course DDR
  10. That's why I say I'm torn about it. Myspace seems to just get kids in trouble around here. Death threats, hit lists, fights starting because so-n-so said they were n love with whats-her-name's boyfriend. Myspace just causes drama in my town, not that there's not enough of it already.
  11. You haven't heard the D.K. rap until you've heard a four year old who you can scarcely understand sing it. Tetris is still one of my favorites.
  12. This place seems interesting I'll probably be sticking around for a while
  13. I'm sort of torm on this one. Sure myspace is good for soma bands to be discovered, but other than that it's mostly illiterate emotionally disturbed teenagers who need a place to complain about how hard they've got it. Don't take that the wrong way there alot of cool people on myspace too. It just seems that way to me.
  14. Wow there's so many possibilities. I would like to do anything in music really. despite what people think I love to preform so like many people my age the idea of being in a band appeals to me.
  15. Wow I really hate doing these things. I'm not one for introductions. I really don't have that much to say. Just hi everybody i'm new
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