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  1. I consider myself lucky to have grown up during a period when many styles were being played and intermingled; rock, blues, jazz, soul, funk, folk, reggae, country, and even classical. Scan through your Zeppelin albums, for example, and you will find elements of all those in there. The rigid classification/boxing-in of genres seemed less prevalent then imo. The net result for me were ears that were open to anything from arabian/indian/afican/celtic to the electronic experimentation of Brian Eno etc. Never let some journalist knocking out 'hype handles' for music limit your options, l
  2. Rory Gallagher The agony and the ecstasy
  3. BB finds the sweet spot
  4. AUSTIN ROBERTS - Rocky (chorus) she said, "Rocky I've never had to die before, don't know if I can do it..." I'm sure she'll get there eventually huh?
  5. And let's not forget.......... Help, i need somebody, Help, not just anybody, Help, you know i need someone, help. When i was younger, so much younger than today, I never needed anybody's help in any way. But now these days are gone, i'm not so self assured, Now i find i've changed my mind and opened up the doors. Help me if you can, i'm feeling down And i do appreciate you being round. Help me, get my feet back on the ground, Won't you please, please help me. And now my life has changed in oh so many ways, My independence seems to vanish in the haze. But every now and th
  6. Good call Batman Yet another "Everyone who's not me sucks" thread by PEW. You're an adult now Paul, (chronologicaly at least), people are still telling you you are a doofus, and you're still not listening. Grow up man!
  7. In the UK the earliest show to air what we would now term music videos would have been The Old Grey Whistle Test. A mix of live studio performances and film/'video' interpretations. Bob Harris/ Old Grey Whistle Test
  8. I am sure a moderator could clear up that suggestion in a heartbeat. I live in hope that that comment was made by MarcM with a generous helping of tongue in cheek or a bit of mischief in mind. I am in the UK. PEW I believe is in the States. If anything in my posts here have drawn similarities to PEW's then I unreservedly offer my apologies. I have read the main Songfacts for ages. I did not even notice the forum link until recently. When I did I saw PEW at his usual schtick and thought it only fair to offer a heads up. As I offered to Blind Fitter. Google his name see what comes
  9. Free Your Mind - En Vogue Unpretty - TLC A couple of classics imo
  10. I don't hate you. I often ponder what makes a man of your years seek attention to the degree you do, but I don't hate someone who is nothing more than a box of text to me. You do tend to pontificate from a position of ignorance though and if a discussion board is about anything, it is surely about challenging such sermons and putting an alternate view out there. I have attempted to support my viewpoint. I asked you a question to give you the opportunity to support yours. Unsurprisingly, you did not do so. You went for the distraction. A further question if you would care to reply?
  11. You harp on about some fictitional era, (usually around the Beatles), where everything was idyllic in the music business. You dislike digital media and prefer vinyl but not enough to stop you freeloading mp3's? You hark for a time that never was! It is complete and utter pie in the sky nonsense. "Take a hike"? Are you a moderator here now? Care to give tangible examples of the corporations being on the run. This independents killing off the corporates trend you see?
  12. I can assure you that is certainly not the case! }
  13. n.b. All quotes are (sic) Point for point. (1) "I dont know what that last comment means." I am so very sure you do. (2) "I also dont know why you assume MySPace is the only place artists can post their songs." Just where did I state that mySpace was the only place? It is by far the most successful 'legitimate' site and therefor the model adopted by clones and the best indicator for the future. (3) "the MySpce people have no say over what the artists do. " They certainly do. They can remove them from the service anytime they like. (4) "They dont even ever mmet the artists
  14. and screw the artist twice. From the corporate AND consumer side! Nice approach.
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