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  1. I'm not sure if my number 1 has been nominated or not,but i will try. 1. "House of the Rising Sun" The Animals 2. "Reach Out I'll Be There" The 4 Tops rtstuff Soul Patrol In West Virginia
  2. The Chocolate Monk This is was Dean Martin called Sammy in the Cannon Ball Run movie. rtstuff
  3. This is one of the reasons I like this site so much. You can learn so much about geography and the different backgrounds of people all over the world. Plus sometimes you learn that many of us have a lot of things in common when you get right down to it. By the way CeeCee have you ever been to Meremac sp Caverns in Missouri? My family stayed over there a couple of nights at the camp ground in the early 60's while on vacation. I caught some nice little rock bass in the I believe the Meremac River. We also toured the caverns. I thought it was kind of neat that James gang spent many a day there hiding out from the law. We were camping out and I remember my dad was ticked off becasue this Whipper Will kept calling its mate all night and kept him up. Just a little travel log of an rt. family vacation. rtstuff "Plager splits the Defense he goes in on Esposito he shoots he scoreeeeeeeeeeees" Dan Kelley.
  4. Thanks for that info Steel2velvet. I remember Harper's Bazaar. rtstuff
  5. Man OLD 55 NO FOSTERS? That is tough. Nexium is an oral medication that has pretty much cleared up my acid stomach problems. As long as I take one a day I can eat and drink pretty much what I want in modertation. Of course moderation is the key. This memorial day weekend coming up my brother-in-law, the French Chef, is coming to town. There goes the moderation principle. rtstuff
  6. Man three 1966 tunes in the top ten. Could the year 1966 have been one of the greatest in the rock era. A third song, "These Boots.... garnered 33 votes. rtstuff
  7. It was Dan Kelly and a former player doing the color. I think he had a French sounding name. By the way Jay Randolph was the son of one time,long standing US senator from West Virginia, Jennings Randolph. He was in DC for many years with still US senator Robert C. Byrd. rtstuff
  8. Hey CeeCee I grew up here in little Huntington, West Virginia listening to KMOX radio. Carey and Buck doing the Cards game, and later Mike Shannon. One of my favorite play by play men of all times Jerry Grose sp? doing the St. Louis Hawks b-ball games with The Big Z, Zelmo Beatty. Dan Kelley and I can't think of the other guy doing the Blues games with the Plager brothers kicking butt all over the ice. rtstuff
  9. You're doing a good job OLD 55. Keep up the good work. rtstuff "These boots are made for walking" WOW!
  10. Sounds like that could be a major missmatch to me. Sort of like that time Partridge Family member Danny Bonaducci took on Donny Osmond. I can't see a fashion person beating up a Hard Rocker. rtstuff "Hilfiger is down, Hilfiger is down"
  11. It was easy to get my ten,but it was tougher to put in my top 10 in order. 1.These Boots Are Made For Walking. Another hit from the year of '66. Plus Nancy in knee high boots and mini skirt just about did the trick for a teenage boy. 2. All My Loving 3. Mack The Knife. "Ole Mackie's back in town" 4. Garden Party. "If memories are all I played I'd rather drive a truck." 5. We're An Amercian Band. Hard driving rock. 6. Imagine. The final scene in the movie "The Killing Fields" uses this for the background music. I get teary eyed every time I watch it. 7. Abraham, Martin, John. Dion's last big hit. It too brings on the misty eyes. 8. Money For Nothing. "And the chicks for free". I love this video. 9. OHIO. I remember that day in May very well. I still see the young lady knelling over the body of the young man. I was in the Army Reserves a few years later, and the commander of that unit should have done time in Levenworth. 10. Man I just saw "Califronia Dreaming" I will put that in as my number 10 when in reality it may have finished higher if I would have noticed it earlier. My wife thinks it is a depressing song becaues of the line "all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray". Come to think of it that does sound depressing. rtstuff
  12. Excellent thought CeeCee. On the other side of the coin fans coming to the park want to see the big name players play. This is just my opinon,but I think the older era players were just a little tougher. It seemed that it took much more to keep them out of the lineup than it does today's players. You have a very valid point in your post CeeCee. rtstuff
  13. I have often wondered Ronjon that perhaps it is the weight training. Weight training shortens the muscle fibers if not done in combination with an extensive stretching regimen to maintain flexibility. I agree with your assesment that with today's increased knowledge of nutrition and "legal" supplements along with better training techniques you would think that today's athlete would have less injuries. Back in the "Day" it just seemed like there was less players on the DL than today. rtstuff
  14. I grew up with two number 44's as my heroes. One of those was "Zeke" from Cabin Creek, Jerry West. The other number 44 was Hammerin Hank. In 1958 I took a baseball card out of a Topps pack that said Hank Aaron, Milwaukee Braves and I never turned back. I was a Braves fan all of my life and particularly one Hank Aaron. I would stay up half the night listening on my transistor radio to the expolits of Aaron and West. I saw Aaron get his 3,000th hit live at Crosley Field in Cincinnatti. I was listening the night that Aaron hit a home run I think against the Cards and the home plate ump called him out because he said Hank stepped out of the batters box. Aaron had very little success against the Red's Jim Maloney, but he owned Don Drysdale of the Dodgers. In fact I think he has more homers against Drysdale than any other pitcher. Aaron was the consummate team player and gentleman. Plus as Ronjon said he took care of his body and kept himself in great physical condition. All those years following the Braves I seldom remember Aaron missing too many games due to injury. I just wish he could have finished up his career in a Braves uniform. However, he did finish up in the city that gave him his start, Milwaukee. rtstuff
  15. Good one Edna! "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" Two things come to mind. 1. I can remember when Nancy would come on stage in knee high boots and mini skirt and perform this in '65-'66? I was in LOVE. 2. The scene in the movie "Full Metal Jacket" when they use the song as background music. rtstuff
  16. Here we go again Rockers 1. Garden Party. Ricky Nelson. "Mr. Hughes in Dylan Shoes". "You can't please everyone so you've got to please yourself" 2. An American Band. Grand Funk Railroad. I once heard a trivia question about Grand Funk. Whick group sold out Shea Stadium the fastest? The automatic answer should be The Beatles. However, the answer that was given was Grand Funk Railroad. Well that's it for now. It is a beautiful day for yard work. I will catch you guys on the flip side. rtstuff "We're coming to your town to help you party down, we're an Amercian Band." Grand Funk
  17. Hey Sweet Jane my parents were also big into the big band sound. I have seen my parents swing dance to the big band sound. Wow they could really cut a rug as they say. They loved to dance to those tunes. My mom who is 77 can still move pretty good. On New Years Eve we were hitting on all cylinders to "Proud Mary". rtstuff
  18. Thanks for those post RonJon. The summer of 66 is one of my fondest memories from my youth and 71 was the year I graduated from Marshall U. Great,great tunes from your list. Man I am glad I grew up during those times. I would like to get in on your station that you and Sweet Jane are going to put together some day, even if it is just a day dream. rtstuff
  19. I hate to bring up a sore spot for you Sweet Jane but exactly what is the background of this clearchannel group anyway. There are several in my listening area. In fact the oldies station I listen to is clearchannel. Do these guys have a hidden political agenda? My guess is that they do. rtstuff
  20. I always liked "Morning Has Broken". A very beuatiful song. As you know this is also in many church hymnals. Once in church we were singing this hymn and my wife and I put the Cat Stevens spin on the melody which is very different from the original melody of the hymn. rtstuff
  21. Hey NewYork Mets9 I remember the station was out of Skeneckdede sp? New York. The Mets were horrible back then,but they were fun to listen to. You never knew what to expect. Casey Stengle was the manager. It was like listening to a comedic routine. Everyone loved the Mets back then. I remember when they beat my Atlanta Braves in the '69 national league playoffs. Boy what a downer. As you know that was the year of Ron Swoboda and the "Miracle Mets". A great year for the Mets and all of baseball. rtstuff
  22. Curses foiled again. I'm not getting the top 4 to come up. rtstuff
  23. rtstuff

    The Guess Who

    Wow I just found out via google that both Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings reunited last month and are touring with the band. Can't Wait!! rtstuff
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