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  1. I agree with RonJon the fun is in the process and seeing all of the varied genre of songs. As I said earlier I can only vote for those songs that I have heard. I really don't listen to much of the newer stuff which I'm sure has some pretty good tunes. The older tunes I nominate have a meaning to me in some way. They bring back mostly good times. Although a few remind me of sad or tough times in my life. A lot of those tunes, but not all were "mega" hits. I feel as though growing up in the 60's I was able to be around for what I would consider the "Golden" Age of rock. By the way I woul
  2. I have been away from the board for a few days so I am glad it isn't too late to vote. Here goes. 1. Fortunate Son. Again this goes out to all of those of my generation who served in Viet Nam. 2. Indian Reservation. Some great keyboard tunes and dedicated to the Cherokee Nations. 3. Lonely Too Long. Felix and the boys hit a homerun with this one. 4. When A Man Loves a Woman. Beuatiful love song. 5. I Got You (I Feel Good) The king of soul James Brown. 6. Heart of Glass. A nice female act, Blondie. 7. Boys of Summer. I really like the MTV video of this one showing the youn
  3. 1. "Indian Reservation" Mark Lindsay This nomination dedicated to my father's family heritage. 2. I hope this one hasn't been done. "Fortunate Son" CCR. Dedicated to all of those GI's who served in Viet Nam. rtstuff
  4. Shawna, wasnn't it on the Smothers Brothers show that the Who's Keith Moon caught the stage on fire with his pyrotechnic drum solo? Do you remember how someone would knock on Soupy's door and he would go to the door and carry out a conversation with the person and you would never actually see who he was talking to. This actually happened, he went to the door and answered it to a very startled expression. Soupy had this big grin on his face, but was absolutely speechless. What the audience didn't know at the time was that soupy was face to face with a topless young lady. I have heard S
  5. I grew up listening to Jonathan Winters and Bill Cosby. I thought they were very funny and they kept it clean humor. I liked George Carlin in his early years when he was doing the Hippy Dippy Weather Man routines. He was very funny without being vulgar. I am certianly not a prude, but some of the stuff that Carlin does now days is way over the top for me personally. I saw Carlin in concert a few years ago and although I stayed for the entire show many folks got up and left. I also enjoy Billy Crystal who by the way attended Marshall U. for a couple of years. A few of you may rememb
  6. Thanks to everyone! G'day mates. rtstuff
  7. I am going to see if Borders can order a CD of The Church. Which CD would you guys and gals suggest that would be a good representation of there work? Thanks a lot. rtstuff I am really excited about learning all about other cultures and their different tastes in music and film. The SongFactors are the greatest!
  8. Alright my One Hit Wonder Spirit In Tbe Sky edged into the top ten. Could this be the first OHW to make it into our top ten? The old goat farmer garnishes another award. rtstuff I'm lining up two more good ones for our next contest.
  9. Another tough task Darryl. I got down to 14 and then it got tough. The last one I eliminated was "The City Of New Orleans." A great song about a Americana. So here goes my list. 1. Spirit In The Sky. I had to go with this as my number one. It takes me back like a lot of our songs do to a carefree time when I was in college. This song played on the car radio the entire time that the Marshall U. geology department was travelling on a field trip to Georgia and other spots in the southeast. The year was 1970 and the month was March. We returned from the trip back to Huntington on Easter Su
  10. My buddy was a strange dude Darryl. After college, Marshall U., he was comissioned a second Lieutenant in the US Army. Most of those comissioned right out of school went to Viet Nam. Some how he missed that gig and ended up in a commune somewhere in the western US. I even heard that he was living in some type of "Tree House" structure. I envisioned something like that in "Swiss Family Robinson". David sure was a strange little fellow,but he sure could play the drums. rtstuff Trivia question Do you know how they made the sound effect at the beginning of "Wipe Out" before the first not
  11. Hey CeeCee when I was in high school one of my best friends was a drummer in a local band. You should have seen him do wipeout on the top of his student desk with a couple of pencils. Man he could spin those pencils, throw them up in the air, catch them, and not miss a beat. The last i heard from him was that two members of the mob were holding him upside down on top of a overpass in I believe Houston, or it might have been Dallas. I don't know where he is now. rtstuff "It could be, It might be, it is. Home run Bill White". Harry Caray circa 1967 KMOX radio.
  12. I can't help but think of the opening scene in Apocalypse Now when I hear that song CeeCee. rtstuff "I Love the smell of napalm in the morning". Robert Duvall. Apocalypse Now
  13. What genre would you place the music that the group The Church performs? rtstuff
  14. I hope these haven't already been nominated so here goes. "Me and Bobby McGee" Janis Joplin "Spirit In The Sky" Norman "wildman" Greenbaum. The "mother" of all one hit wonders in my opinon. rtstuff "When I die and they lay me to rest I'm going to go to the place that's the best". "Spirit In The Sky."
  15. Billy Don't Be A Hero" Bo Donalson and the Heywoods I believe. rtstuff "Your Momma's too thin and your Daddy's too fat....Get Over It"... Don Henley.
  16. What exactly is a VegEmite sandwich? I didn't realize Crowded House was Aussie. My wife loves them. "Friday On My Mind" A great song. rtstuff
  17. Hey Aussie friends I am curious as to who you guys would consider the top 20 music acts from the Land of Oz,as OLD 55 might say, in the last 30 to 35 years. At one time I had a terrible "crush" on Olivia-Newton. rtstuff Hey Mate how about a vegamite sandwich?
  18. Once again a lot of good hits on our list. 1. Who'll Stop The Rain. One of my favorites by one of my favorite groups. Some interesting reading on our SongFacts board about this song. 2. Devil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly... The Motor City mad man Mitch Ryder. Excellent rock! 3. If You Leave Me Now. A great brass sound. 4. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress). At one time in my life I pursued such a vision. 5. Love Is Blue. Once again this brings back thoughts of radio station WMUL on the Marshall campus in '68 and a certain blue eyed blond. 6. Summertime Blues
  19. Ok guys I am going to try and sneak an instrumental into our top 10. 1. Love is Blue. Paul Mauriat. I remember this song well. A beautiful instrumental from '68. At the time it came out I was working on the Marshall University campus radio station. Everytime it played I would think about a certain blond that worked at the station. The only problem was that I was too shy to do anything about it. Yes I was a little shy sophomore. Oh those were the days my friends. 2. For some of us old farts I am going try and conger up some votes for a 50's classic. In honor of our up and coming seas
  20. Hey OLD 55 I still have kids in class today that bring guitars to class and will knock out a littl "House of the Rising Sun". It truly is a timeless classic. rtstuff The question remains how many a young man has visited the "House Of the Risising Sun"?
  21. I was just curious. I noticed that a number of members have 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 and more posts. My question is how long have some of you been posting on song facts? I think it is neat that many of you have stayed at it for so long. Plus how many of you guys and gals have actually met one another? Not trying to be nosey; I am genuinely interested in how long some of you have been at it. As for me I truly enjoy interacting with everyone on the board. A lot of classy, nice folks hang out here. rtstuff
  22. Definitely Santana. They had this guy whose last name was Shreve. I don't remember his first name. He was a human BLUR. rtstuff
  23. Good one Uncle Joe. One of my all time favorites. rtstuff
  24. Sorry I'm a little late guys; I have family in from out of town for the weekend. Here goes. 1. House Of The Rising Sun. Every young boy that gets a guitar learns the first chords of this song as one of there first lessons. Classic 60's song. 2. Reach Out I'll Be There. Probably my favorite soul ballad. 3. Secret Agent Man. A hit from one of rocks underrated stars, Johnny Rivers. I had a good friend that met Johnny one time and my friend said he sure was a little fellow to put out such a booming voice. 4. Hair. Classic psychedelic era hit. "Give me a head of hair shoulder length
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