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  1. 1. Teach Your Children 2. Walk Away Renee. I agree with OLD 55. This version is much better than the 4 Tops. 3. Summer Breeze. One of the first albums purchased by my wife and I. 4. Mr. Bojangles. One of my dad's favorites 5. Last Train to Clarksville. I loved my Monkeys. I use to watch them on the tube every day after school. 6. Let's Get It On. The smooth, soulful sounds of a legend whose life was cut way too short. 7. Oh Girl. Another soulful tune. 8. Stoned Love. I still like the Supremes even though Diana Ross made a real a$$ of herself later in her career. 9. Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo. I think this came out at about the time my wife and I were dating. 10. Rock You Like a Hurricane. I was only introduced to the Scorpions a few years ago and I liked what I was hearing. rtstuff Let's Get It On. That kinda "cuts" to the chase.
  2. I'm with you RonJon. It may be hotter than Hadies, but it sure beats February in West Virginia. We had a heat index today of 105. I actually made it out to the pool and as long as you were in the water it was ok. As soon as you got out the sweat starts to pour out of you. If I lived near the ocean I would take you up on catching a wave. rtstuff "Hot time summer in the city, back of neck getting hot and gritty". The Lovin Spoonful 1966.
  3. I am not sure if this one has been nominated so far,but I shall try it and see. 1. Teach Your Children. Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young. 2. A song and group that was featured in one of the episodes of the television show, "American Dreams". The song was "Walk Away Renee" by the group The Left Banke. PS Peaches you got one of mine "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions. rtstuff Who says there is no such thing as global warming. Today's heat index was 105. Believe it or not it was too hot to go to the pool.
  4. God Bless all of you. I checked out the announcement section and really want to thank everyone for being so nice. The world could use more song factors for sure. rtstuff "We Are Marshall" appearing in theaters everywhere in late October. I hear there are some outstanding performances that will be seen on the silver screen.
  5. Thanks OLD 55 and Edna for the birthday wishes. Just like the Tennessee Erine Ford song says, "Another day older and deeper in debt. Saint Peter don't call me because I can't go I owe my soul to the company store." rtstuff A "young" 57 year old, or at least I hope.
  6. My most difficult task to this point. Some great songs on this list. 1. Devil With The Blue Dress On... 2. Day Dream Believer.. Another hit from my high school years 3. Oh Pretty Woman You can't go bad with the "Big O". 4. Windy. Another high school hit 5. Summer of '69. A hit about one of my college years 6. Memphis Johnny Rivers is way underrated in my book. 7. Doctor My Eyes Another favorite artist of mine, Jackson Browne. 8. Takin Care of Business. A good hard drivin song. 9. Wooly Bully. Featured in the movie "Full Metal Jacket". 10. Piano Man I had to vote for this one. The new Ms. Billy Joel is a former Biology student of mine. Yes she was and still is a very pretty young lady. I was not invited to the wedding. rtstuff
  7. 1.Summer of '69 Bryan Adams. I remember that summer well. Man lands on the moon, the Mets win the pennant, Woodstock and the Age of Aquarius. Come to think of it, I believe the odds were much more favorable for a moon landing then the Mets winning the pennant. 2. Memphis.The Johnny Rivers version. rtstuff "Give me an "F", give me a "U".......... You know the rest. The famous cheer by Country Joe McDonald at Woodstock.
  8. 1. Day Dream Believer This came out at about the time I had my first high school "crush". 2. Indian Reservation. I have a soft spot in my heart for all Native Americans. 3. Hey There Lonely Girl. 4. Chevy Van. "Her long legs were tan and brown" That says it all. 5. Hey 19. 6. Thunderstruck. I have to go with the unoffical anthem of my Marshall Thundering Herd. 7. Here Comes My Baby 8. Rock On "Blue Jean baby queen prettiest thing I've ever seen." 9. Freeze Frame 10. Ball Of Confusion rtstuff
  9. 1. Daydream Believer The Monkeys 2. Here Comes My Baby The Tremeloes 3. Indian Reservation. Mark Lindsay rtstuff I started to go with Thunderstruck. The lightning has returned to my corner of the world.
  10. I saw "Pirates" last night and really enjoyed it. Great makeup with all of those characters and great stunts and special effects. The only negative I thought was that it seemed a little long. Overall I would give it a 9 out of 10. A nice movie to just set back and have a good time. I enjoyed the scenes with the monster from the depths. It reminded me of an updated version of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea when Captain Nemo and Kirk Douglas were fighting the giant squid. rtstuff
  11. This was tougher than I thought. 1. Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers who I believe is a native West Virginian. Has anyone ever counted the number of "I know's" in the song? 2. Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is? One of my favorite concert moments was seeing Chicago live. 3. Life In The Fast Lane The Eagles. Another great concert experience. 4. She's Gone Hall and Oats was one concert that got away from me and I missed out. 5. Pipeline. The Chantays. To me the greatest surf music song of all time. 6. All Day and All Of The Night. The Kinks 7. Alone Again Naturally. A very reflective song 8. China Grove. The Doobeys I drove all the way to Myrtle Beach from West Virginia one summer with this song on my car stereo. 9. Lonely Boy Andrew Gold One of the first albums my wife and I purchased after we were married. 10. Walk Don't Run. Ventures. Another great instrumental rtstuff "Good times and riches and son of a bitches I've seen more than I can recall." Jimmy Buffet. Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes. With me I can eliminate the "riches" part.
  12. Thanks Darryl. It is good to be here and good to be back Mate. rtstuff
  13. I'm back guys and gals! Wow what a past week. We have had some of the most intense electrical storms that I can remember in my life time in these parts. In fact the storms damaged my computer. It was knocked out of commission by power surges even though I have a pretty good surge protector. One morning while completeing my six mile walk with some buddies I thought I was a goner. We got caught out in the open when an electrical storm hit and lightning bounced off a power transfromer across the narrow street from us. It was the type where you here the sizling then see an intense white-purple light followed by a ground shaking explosion of thunder. Needless to say it shook up three guys. As we hot footed it back to the YMCA, the gym not the song, the heavens opened up. It is too bad we can't send you guys some rain OLD 55. I have never walked in a harder rain in all of my life. These stroms were around the clock for 48 hours. As the result we have had flash flooding. The track that I walk on got washed out in some places. The debris along the creek is piled everywhere. I even saw a few fish that didn't make it. Well that has been my life for the last week. Now on to some music. 1. The late 70's hit "Lonely Boy" by Andrew Gold. 2. Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again Naturally" rtstuff I'm all shook up, but still rockin out.
  14. I thought the Grapes of Wrath was rated too high. I mean what is inspiring about that film. It is a down right depressing in my book. I think the Shawshank Redemption should be in the top five in my opinon. I set up that night and watched the entire show. I agreed with most of them, but some I would have rated higher and some lower. I can't remember where "The Bridge On The River Kwi" was rated, but I do know it should have been higher. rtstuff "Cut Me Mick" Rocky Balboa.
  15. I am excited about this film. I also know that it is going to be very hard to watch for not only me,but for all of those that lost loved ones. This is a story that has needed to be told for a long time. I have talked extensively with a gentleman that lost his father when he was a young child and he tells me the same thing. He is excited, but admittedly doesn't know how he will get through it. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I certainly hope the film is marketed internationally. I have talked with the publicist and he strikes me as a top notch professional as well as an outstanding individual. The publicist, Ernie Malik, worked on the films "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Friday Night Lights" as well as many other films. I will email Ernie and find out if an international release is planned. rtstuff
  16. Great nomination CanAm "Lodi". One of my mum's favorites. My nominations are 1. "Dedicated To The One I Love" Momma's and Pappa's. 2. " Fly Like An Eagle" The Steve Miller Band. rtstuff Things got bad and things got worse, I guess you know the rest of the story. Lodi.
  17. The filming of the "We Are Marshall movie wrapped in Atlanta on June 20th. Everything that I have seen and read about this film is special. The entire crew of actors and technicians really put everything into this film. For those that don't care about sports movie don't despair. Although admittedly there is sports in the film, it is about the air tragedy that killed most of the Marshall team, it's coaches and many boosters, the film is about the triumph of the human spirit. This film is about a universtity and town that refused to give up inspite of a devestating tragedy. This film will take you from the depths of human suffering to the heights of incredible triumph. I have heard from those that are closely associated with this production and I think Warner Brothers has hit a homerun with this one. The first theatrical trailer is expected out with the film "The Lady In Water" that is due out on July 21. The premier in Huntington, West Virginia is due for October 27th. I assume nation wide release will be right after that date. By the way for you ladies Matthew McConughey does an outstanding job as coach Jack Lengyle who took over the team the next year after the plane crash. I also hear that Matthew Fox does a great job as coach Red Dawson. rtstuff Marshall U. 1971 "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and a good thing never dies". Andy Dufrense. "The Shawshank Redemption"
  18. Man this was one of my tougher ones to come with. I can't believe I had to leave out "Angie", "Fire", "Do It Again", and "River Of Dreams." So Here Goes: 1. Good Vibrations. A feel good song. Supposedly Brian Wilson got the idea from his mother who said animals could sense from a person if that person was going to be a kind person by the invisible vibrations that the person gave off. 2. Aquarius. I believe it was '69 when it came out. 1969 The Mets win the world series, Joe Namath predicts and delivers a Super Bowl win for the New York Jets. Of course we have Woodstock, and just in case anyone forgot it was the year tha "Mankind" walked on the moon. 3. Glad All Over. It hadn't of been for the Beatles the DC 5 would have been the number one group in America. 4. Somebody To Love. Grace Slick and the gang. Speaking earlier of Woodstock I think the Jefferson Airplane performed this at the little gathering in Bethel, New York. 5. My Girl. The smooth sounds of the Temps. 6. Brandy. I really liked this song when it came out and I still do dig it. I believe it came out one summer that I was at Army Reserve camp at Fort Drum New York. 7. Bend Me, Shake Me by the American Breed. I had forgotten how much I liked this song when I heard it the other day on the radio. 8. He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother. A great, great legendary group in the Hollies. 9. Hurt So Good. John Mellenkamp, the man from Seymour, Indiana. 10. Got My Mind Set On You. I remember when the video of this came out you could tell poor ole George was not well. I thought the video was really cute. Well guys that's it for me. It was a toughie this time, but I really enjoy the challenge each week for our top ten. rtstuff "Brandy you're a fine girl what a good wife you would be, but my life, my love, my lady is the sea." I think he has been at sea too long if you ask me.
  19. 1. Glad All Over. The Dave Clark 5. 2. Bend Me Shake Me. The American Breed
  20. 1. Live and Let Die 2. San Francisco(Be sure to put some flowers in your hair) Is this a one hit wonder? Did Scott Mckenzie do anything else of consequence? 3. The Rose. At the last graduation of the last high school I taught at before a new consolidated school was built a young lady that was on my track team sang this and brought me to tears. 4. Eli's Coming. Hard driving rock. 5. Nobody Does It Better. A great song by a beautiful lady. 6. Black Water. Nice southern rock by a "Biker" band. 7. Can't You See. Another southern (cowboy) rock. 8. Crocodile Rock. I believe the year was '72. I was headed to Atlanta, Georgia and the Peach Bowl game. 9. Late In The Evening. 10. Dream A Little Dream Of Me. A great talent whose life was cut way too short. rtstuff "Eli's coming hide your heart girl." 3-Dog Night.
  21. Wow Darryl this is going to be a tough one. A lot of really good tunes on this list. Hey Darryl I saw on the news where the Queensland Zoo lost its oldest member, "Harriet" the Galapagos turtle. I believe they said Harriet was 176 years old and was one of the actual turtles that Darwin studied. Man that is a neat story. rtstuff
  22. Yea I just made "FLOUNDER" I thought I was going to be a frog for ever. rtstuff
  23. 1. San Francisco(Be Sure To Put Some Flowers In Your Hair) Scott McKenzie. The summer of love 1967. 2. Live and Let Die. Paul McCartney and Wings. From the Bond flick of the same name. I really like the video with all of the pyrotechnics. rtstuff "If your going to San Francisco you will find some gentle people there". Scott Mckenzie. Don't tell Harry Callahan aka "Dirty Harry" about all of the gentle people.
  24. 1. Like a Rock. As I mentioned this song means a lot to me. 2. I Heard It Through The Grapevine. A soul legend whose life was cut way too short. 3. Love The One Your With. A great voice, Stephen Stills, combined with a little Carribean beat. 4. Put A Little Love In Your Heart. A great message. Featured in the film "Scrooged" with Bill Muarry. 5. To Sir With Love. Featured from the film with same name. LuLu, a little gal with a great big voice. 6. Let's Stay Together. A soul classic by the now minister of the gospel Al Stewart. 7. All Summer Long. The one and only ambassadors of summer, The Beach Boys. 8. Grazing In The Grass. 9. Son Of a Preacher Man Another little lady of Rock that had a powerfull voice. 10. Riders on The Storm. Jim Morrison. I think one of the great male vocalist of rock. He had that deep velvet like reverb in his vocals. rtstuff "Nothing ever seemed to bother me, like a rock". Bob Seger
  25. Being it is father's day in the states and I just got back from putting fresh flowers on dad's grave I am going to nominate as my first song the song that dad said reminded him of his life. The words to this song were read in eulogy at my dad's funeral. The song "Like A Rock" by Bob Seger. My number two nomination is a solo act by a rock legend that was a member of several groups that were also legendary. I like the steel drums in this song. It gives it a Carribean flavor. "Love The One Your With" Stephen Stills. rtstuff "If you can't be with the one you love honey, love the one your with". Stephen Stills. On a second thought this could get you into trouble.
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