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  1. 1. I'm The One - Van Halen (1978) 2. Who Loves The Sun - Velvet Underground (1970) 3. Diane Young - Vampire Weekend (2013) 4. Standing In The Shadows Of Love - Four Tops (1966) 5. Tommy Gun - The Clash (1978) 6. Heroes And Villains - The Beach Boys (1967) 7. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell (1969) 8. Return To Sender - Elvis Presley (1962) 9. First Days of Spring, The - Noah & the Whale (2009) 10. Love Gun - Kiss (1977)
  2. The new Queens of the Stone Age album is great, if slightly disappointing only because it wasn't what I expected. Josh Homme put the old lineup from Songs For The Deaf back together, so I was expecting more balls-to-the-wall riff rock. Instead, Like Clockwork is a little more subtle, or at least as subtle as QOTSA can be. Still, a new Queens album is something to celebrate, and this one is very, very good.
  3. I agree completely. I don't understand the appeal at all.
  4. Keep Your Eyes Peeled - Queens of the Stone Age
  5. I'm The One - Van Halen (1978) Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell (1969) Diane Young - Vampire Weekend (2013)
  6. Manson had some good songs and late 90s Metallica is only awful compared to their earlier stuff. Oasis was a great band, just way too egotistical, but that doesn't detract from the music itself. The late 90's was the era of boy bands and Britney Spears (and Britney Spears imitators). Any of those artists could make the list. But if the list is for worst rock artists of the 90's, I think this list isn't bad, as long as you exclude Nirvana. And I guess Hanson doesn't really count, but they were so ubiquitous and obnoxious in the 90s they should make any list.
  7. It's an accurate list except for Nirvana. I understand the Nirvana hatred though because 1) they were everywhere, and music fans have developed a natural fear of that which is popular and 2) they are inadvertently responsible for some truly awful predecessors. But Nirvana still rocks. Obviously.
  8. 1. Diamond Church Street Choir, The - The Gaslight Anthem (2010) 2. Demon To Lean On - Wavves (2013) 3. Lovecraft In Brooklyn - The Mountain Goats (2007) 4. Mother - Natalie Maines (2013) 5. Never Let Me Go - Florence + the Machine (2011) 6. Theme From Shaft - Isaac Hayes (1971) 7. (There's Gonne Be A) Showdown - The New York Dolls (1974) 8. Mayhem - Imelda May (2010) 9. Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Flatt & Scruggs (1949) 10. Number Thirteen - Red Fang (2011)
  9. There isn't. If you're looking for one term to define every new band that sounds vaguely "retro", you're not going to find it.
  10. Demon To Lean On - Wavves (2013) The Diamond Church Street Choir - The Gaslight Anthem (2010) Lovecraft In Brooklyn - The Mountain Goats (2007)
  11. It's definitely been helpful. For me, I don't learn much about new stuff here (as it's generally just me and Ben nominating new stuff, with some exceptions), but I certainly have found more than a few classic gems that I wouldn't have known without this little game we play.
  12. I'll admit you have to put more effort into it than you might have had to in the past. You're not going to be able to passively listen to a radio station and hear something that blows your mind like in the 60's and 70's. But at the same time, between services like Youtube, Spotify, Grooveshark, etc., it's not that much harder.
  13. 1. Queen of the Highway - The Doors (1970) 2. Ties That Bind, The - Bruce Springsteen (1980) 3. Pigs (3 Different Ones) - Pink Floyd (1977) 4. Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine (1996) 5. Drain You - Nirvana (1991) 6. Two Fingers - Jake Bugg (2013) 7. Little Red Rooster - The Rolling Stones (1965) 8. Vertigo - U2 (2004) 9. Roll With It - Oasis (1995) 10. Wart Hog - The Ramones (1984)
  14. Queen of the Highway - The Doors (1970) Vertigo - U2 (2004) Two Fingers - Jake Bugg (2013)
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