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  1. It's pretty awesome. I actually didn't like the gift shop and was turned off by the lack of attention to the "classic rock" bands (Zep, the Who, Queen, Pink Floyd, CCR, Skynyrd, Allmans) and how they completely ignore prog (Rush, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and so on).

  2. Apparently Stadium Arcadium is the Chili Peppers second best album ever. They say it's their best, but most people prefer to think that nothing can top BSSM. I haven't heard it yet. I've saved it up at home because I didn't want to bring it with me to HK... and I hope that the delay makes it taste better.

    Californication > Stadium Arcadium > BSSM

    All are amazing though. I'd give Californication a 10/10 and the other two 9/10.

  3. Umm, this is kind of hard to put into words. The rhythm plays....rhythym parts. Usually thats just chords that fill in the sound and keep time.

    Lead plays, I guess, the more challenging parts. They'll solo or play something outside of the basic riff.

    If you're a Queen fan, listen to "Tie Your Mother Down". If I'm not mistaken, during the solo you can hear Brian playing the riff (rhythym) and soloing (lead) over it.

  4. Wow it looks like quite a few of us grew up with radio. I remember listening to the little 6 transistor radios late at night under the bed covers so momma wouldn't discover be up past my bed time. I not only was a rock fan ,but I loved listening to those early baseball broadcast.

    I would pick up Bob Prince in Pittsburgh, Harry Carey in St.Louis, the guys that did the old Houston Colt 45's, the Mets, the Yanks, and of course the Reds with Waite Hoyt. I got my interest in being a play by play man during those early years. My favorite team was the Millwuakee Braves,but I couldn't pick up there broadcast. They had one the smallest networks in baseball back then. Oh occassionally I would pick up the Phills games back then Uncle Joe. Man I remember Uncle Joe that Johnny Callison was a Braves killer back then. He seemed to always come through in the clutch.


    You're a lucky guy if you got to listener to the Mets broadcasters (Kiner, Murphy, and Nelson). They are a legenedary team. Obviously, being 17, I never heard them in their hayday. Fortunately, Mets fans now have Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez.

  5. Is there anything wrong with knowing a lot about the music? I mean, we're all on songfacts for a reason. I consider myself a very pure music listener, but I can also rattle off different trivia and facts about a number of different artists or songs.

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