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  1. Hi, here`s a quick review of FLC. The venue was Manachester Academy, UK, not sure of the exact size but probably around 1,000 - 1,500. Everytime FLC play the UK the venue size seems to get smaller. this is a pity imho as they are a real hardworking live band and they do have some great tunes to back it all up. Interestingly this venue was packed to the doors, this was one of the most cramped gigs I`ve been to in a while so maybe they have found the right size, or on the way up again Anyhow - Support was provided by Cantaloop (not sure of the spelling). A very funky band with a rap/RnB type front man. They were very good at what they did amd the crowd got into them, but that`s all I can say realy as I just didn`t like the music at all, I cannot comment on much else as I had most of my view blocked by tall people! hehe FLC - fantastic! but I`m very biased, this is the 7th time I`ve seen them and this ranks as 2nd best, mainly due to me not actually seeing much of the show, just the back of a guys head!....But musically they were spot on, a good mix and a set list that contained - all the new album and the usual favorites e.g. scooby snacks, FLC, loco, up on the hill, king of new york, smoke `em... One of the highlights was they actualy had a sax player on for up on the hill which was great to hear played as it should be. 9/10 (would probably have been 10/10 if I`d seen the show:))
  2. Hi, here`s a quick review if the Stereophonics gig I went to. The venue was Manchester Evening News Arena, UK - aprox 19,000 capacity. Support was from an up and coming UK band called The Dead 60`s. They mix a Clash type sound with some Ska beats and are all very good muscians and this showed in the short set (aprox 30 mins). They played through most of the debut album that is due out soon. these guys were brilliant from first note to last, no light show (they just had one colour on the whole set) and they let the music "do the talking". They may not suit eveyones taste but imho they were great and if you get chance check them out - www.thedead60s.com 9/10 Stereophonics - well this is the 6th time I`ve seen them and this was probably the "rockest"! They have stripped the sound back and gone for an overdriven rock sound. At first it sounded pretty good, then I realised something - all I could hear was guitar and vocals, the bass sort of rumbled along, the drums were hardly in the mix most of the time and the keys were only there when really needed. I`m pretty sure it was the seat I was in as it`s usualy a decent sound. However the light show was nothing short of amazing and they blasted through a strong set including - datkota, devil, more life in a tramps vest, local boy in a photograph, step on my old size 9`s, a thousand trees, the bartender and the thief, madam helga, superman etc apart from a slighty bad sound they were pretty much on top form and it was a great night... 9/10
  3. Hi, thought I`d post a short review of this one for you all. RBF are back in the UK again, in smaller venues than last time (which is a shame). This one was at Sheffield Octagon, I`m not 100% on the capacity but it`s probably around the 1000 mark... There were two support acts - The Matches - hhmm well where to start. Not the best support act I`ve seen and to be honest a bit of a Sum 41 type sound. It didn`t help as the mix was pretty usless and there was only one of the two guitars audiable, I`m not sure if that`s down to one of them not being very good or just a bad mix. They tried hard though and it looked like they won over a few new fans as a small section of the crowd did start to get into it. Maybe better with more experience. 5/10 Skindred - UK based Ragga/Punk/Meltal band, yes that is the right description! Again a bit of a bad mix, vocals were difficult to hear. Even when it wasn`t a deth grunt!. I have to say these guys blew me away along with nearly the whole place, the front man was fantastic and had nearly all the crowd bouncing and chanting by the end. Not bad for a band noone had heard of - www.skindred.com 8/10 Reel Big Fish - well they had a good sound ! out they came, and did 90 mins of what they do best. The mix of humour punk and ska was spot on. I`ll not try and remeber the whole set but it included - ban the tube top, sell out, I want your girlfriend, good thing, everything sucks, the kids don`t like it, take on me, awesome etc. The crowd seem to love every second and they put on an excellent show, as expected in a small venue the light show was adequate, but nothing special. 8/10 This is the second time I`ve see RBF and this time round they were a lot tighter. I`d drag anyone I could along to the next tour!
  4. Top band, I grew up listen to these guys. I turneddown the chance of seeing them on the last tour they did, I was 15 and my parents wouldn`t let me go with a mate - my gran offered to take me and I said no way like a typical teenager!! Man do I kick myself for that... My fav song is - "Dancing in the Mooonlight" I agree with Sutho fantasic bass line and I love the sax solo in it.
  5. Yup these guys are pretty decent. They are on the NME Tour in the UK with Kaiser Chiefs and The Cribs. I`ll post a short concert review once I`ve seen them, on CD they are good just hope they can do it live..
  6. hhmm well I`d have to say - All That Jazz - Chicago Razzle Dazzle - Chicago When Your Good To Mama - Chicago Master Of The House - Les Mis King Herods Song - JCS Circle of Life - Lion King Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast Do You Hear The People Sing - Les Mis there will be some more as the drama group I`m in does a lot of the numbers in productions, but it`s late ! hehe
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