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  1. I don't get that pudding/meat thing O_o.
  2. The guitars are nothin' to me. Don't even notice em' a lot
  3. Any of you ever seen an AC/DC tribute band?
  4. Ok, I'll start (of course)... "You gave them all... those old time stars... through wars of worlds... invaded by Mars."
  5. I think they made a mistake. They should have switched #13 with #1. In case ur' wonderin', #13 was... Queen
  6. They are both about storms O_o I like rain and bad weather and stuff Leaves drip with rain-water onto the moist ground, The grass was as wet as water itself, Another round of rain had began to drizzle, Soon enough, thunder broke out upon the quiet town, Windows shut, doors blocked, blinds closed, Panic roamed the city in search of destruction, Bolts of lightning stormed down, with mighty power, Damage was done, people had died, buildings destroyed, Birds as large as crows stopped in mid-flight, The citizens stopped everything for such a sight, For the storm was now over
  7. I didn't know how to spell Cashmere But I suppose Kashmir could be it. Maybe Led Zeppelin just enjoy wearin' Cashmere? The song reminds me of the James Bond 007 theme
  8. Nope. Never heard Jimi Herndrix (til' today)
  9. Whats your FAVOURITE song of all-time?
  10. Heroin (which I listened to all of) is very... boring Verrrrry boring. I'll listen to the last few minutes of Teenage Riot now
  11. Teenage Riot isn't good. The first bit of it is so quiet, the insturments cover it up. Listenin' to Heroin now. How old are you anyway, Scott?
  12. Cocaine is a blues song!? Are we talkin' about the same Cocaine? I'm talkin' about the Cocaine by Eric Clapton I'm listenin' to Teenage Riot right now
  13. Is Heroin anything like Cocaine? (I'm talkin' about the SONGS! ) Cocaine is good I wanna re-phrase that... the SONG Cocaine is good And whats the Avant-Garde? O_o
  14. Ok *Downloads* *Listens to Queen in mean-time* It's done! *Listens* Not bad, heard better
  15. Sureee Ok, I'll listen to ya. *Downloads YMCA* Talkin' 'bout YYYMMMCCCAAA!!!
  16. Wait a second... is this also know as Kiss This Sky?
  17. *Downloads and listens to Purple Haze* It's oooook. I downloaded a few others from the list. I'll listen to em' later
  18. Ok, I reccomend sitting down. I'm about to tell you something that will absolutley shock you and want you to kill me. Here is the truth: I have NEVER heard a Jimi Hendrix song. *Hides from angry mobs carrying pitchforks* So, what songs do you reccomend? Like Queens most popular is Bohemian Rhapsody, Led Zeppelin is Stairway to Heaven, etc.
  19. *Gasp* OWN them? That would mean you BUY them!? ARE YOU CRAZY? *Downloads them for free* :guitar:
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