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  1. let me know what u think??
  2. hey people!!! sorry about that post above as usual i was signed on to my moms name oopz! i just wanted to let you know about the new song that is on the website it was recorded on their last trip to nyc last week the song is called "flicker" its acoustic check it out!!
  3. sorry guys once again that was me on the wrong user name what can i say?
  4. sprry that was me not my mom i was on the wrong user name
  5. streamline is great they are currently checking out the west coast music scence in seattle and LA having a blast and writing more songs they have a new cd coming out very soon with an AWESOME bass player on it you can check him out and the guitar player doin there thing on their on the road page of their website where the quicktime videos are at the bottom i promise if you know anything about the bass you will love this kid the singer/guitar player also has a video on there he is chill if you like acoustic and john mayer,jack johnson, dave mathews stuff or just great music!!! the songwriting t
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