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  1. 1. what is THE song that you can never get sick of? 2. which song is the one that, even though you have had a TERRIBLE day, it can ALWAYS make you feel better to hear it? 4. what song do you always yell "TURN IT UP" to? 5. and what is the song that just MAKES your day?
  2. i think i will have to say either Sugarcult or Rooney.... wait...hmmmm that is two. oh my. i have to CHOOSE??? rooney
  3. yay! :happybanana: haha i really really <3 them and guess what. my cousin actually DATED the lead singer, Robert Carmine/Schwartzman :: yea, when she told me that, i was totally STOKED. it was awesome.
  4. ok, some people i talk to have *gasp* never HEARD of this lovely band called Rooney. well, if you haven't, you NEED to hear some of their music RIGHT NOW! and if you have heard them.... aren't they AWESOME! <3 <3 :guitar:
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