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  1. I would say that Queen live DVD, I heard it was great!!!
  2. thanks for that link, but this is about Led Zeppelin, not just stairway, though its their best song, and its the best song ever!!!
  3. I'll you why (I'm actually listening to it right now). It's the whole thing, it is soothing, the lyrics are relaxing. The solo is absolutely brilliant, the intro is genious, the instruments used in it make it good, very good accompaniment, Robert Plant was born to sing this song, no one can sing sing it as well as him, now, go listen to it!!!.
  4. All around the world by the red hot chilli peppers. Come as you are by Nirvana. They have good bass lines!!!.
  5. If you like Led Zeppelin, then post something about them here!!. They are the best, and will always be the best!!. Led Zeppelin lives in our souls!!. :guitar:
  6. I love this song so much, it never gets old!!. If you have never heard it, you must get it somehow!!. Reply if you feel the same way!!!.
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