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  1. You need to pm or post an email address and then I have to send you an invite. You can delete it after. That's what others did. For some reason they don't want people to directly register-go figure! *I sent the same message to your pm as well*
  2. With that in mind, Ian, it is the main reason I dropped the 'can't cut' option. It used to really suck if you had someone who was playing poorly or got injured, but there was nothing you could do but give them a bench spot because Yahoo! had designated them a star.
  3. Ok, we've got Carole, Blues, Kenne, Phil, an invite sent to CanAm, and myself in and registered. Just Carl and Sammy left to register. Those that wished to can delete their posts with email info now. Rayzor or Ronjon not around anymore? BTW, how is the current Baseball league going so far? Close? Someone running away with it all? Must be playoffs in a week or 2 now.
  4. Thank, Phil! Invite should be there for you now.
  5. Ok, got Blues and Carole in so far via email ...don't wait too long, guys, or we'll be screwed come opening week. If you leave it too long, we will still draft whether or not you've had time to put your draft choices in place. Communications are just too here-and-there these days to be able to wait for all to have a say. I will leave a final date and time, of course.
  6. Sent to you Kenne.
  7. I imagine it may take a little while to get Sammy's email, as the poor bastard has likely had his world rocked by the Ashley Madison hack. He'll likely have to find a N. Korean server now in order to send his info ...
  8. Ok; not seeing any changes I've sent invites to Blues and Carole as per the new Yahoo! directions requesting player's email addresses for the commish to invite. Hope they are able to join easily from that. Stand by -for news!
  9. Well, thanks so much for your efforts, Carole. That really is disappointing. Surely we aren't unique in being members of a site or group that would simply like to join a league, and not necessarily have each other's email addresses? The more they 'improve ' things does not make them necessarily simpler at all, it seems. Here is the league URL: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/849161 Blues and Carole have sent me email addresses already. Blues sent his by pm which is fine if you wish. Don't worry - I won't be spamming any of you anytime soon-and will delete your pms after you get in-honest injun! Try the above, then, and if I don't see anyone in before your evening is out there, I will use their email addresses to invite them, and hope that works without a hitch.
  10. Hmm. I saw that I could invite people by email, but I thought that was an option rather than a 'must do ' now. Again, it shows how much Yahoo! Fantasy Football has changed in format since I last was commish. I mentioned in an earlier post that there was no password required, whichI was surprised by. I'll look into it again ( and hope a couple of you can try as well to get in just by going to Yahoo! Fantasy Football and try and 'join a league' for me). We can compare notes later. Good thing we have time this year and not under the gun currently to get set up. Worst case, I'll have to ask you to post an email address you don't mind sharing and I'll have to invite you. Hope that won't be necessary though. Carole? If you wouldn't mind, though, could you give me an email address that I can use as a test if I (or anyone else) can't find a way to get in ? As well, if you others don't mind as well , go ahead and leave an email address. If Carole (an old vet) says she can't get in by traditional means, then I tend to think that may be the case. However, take a moment or two, please, and see if you can get in. Thanks, all!
  11. Yes, we are playing Yahoo! this year, Kenne. Great to hear Blues and Carole. We have our 8 then just like that! Could even go for 10, but unless I hear from someone before, I think we'll draft soon after we get the current 8 who have spoken up. http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com
  12. Ok, I've set it up, and clearly I haven't been a commish for a while as it is a very different looking set up (generally) than before, but I think I got through it alright. Lots of new features for having cash prizes or league dues, etc. Anyway, here's the information I think you'll need. Curiously, they didn't ask for a password as they did in the past so I hope you can get in and register still. Let me know if there is a problem. League name: Songfacts Football 2015 League ID#: 849161 I haven't touched any of the scoring settings from default yet, but will look at them over the next couple days. I did set it to a 1 day waiver as people often set near the weekend and gives a chance to get someone useful by game time maybe. Full playoffs (17 weeks-near New Years) and 8 spots reserved for now. Oh, no 'can't cut' list- so you can dump a star if he sucks anytime. I always hated that rule before.
  13. Thursday, Sept. 10th is the first game of Week 1, so plenty of time. However, I'll get at putting something up so that we can register asap, since it seems that appearances and comms with the old regulars aren't what they once were now, and we'll have lots of time to get everyone in and discuss whatever needs to be discussed.
  14. Thanks, Kenne. So... we still only have 6 it looks like, so far. I'll set something up now that the weekend is here and I have the time. We can discuss whether or not we want to proceed in the meantime. When exactly does the season start- first game- because we need to be decided and drafted before that point for sure. Anyone know offhand? I hate missing the first week if it isn't necessary.
  15. Ok, great - we've got 6 so far. 8 would make it a little more fun for sure, though. Carole? Razor ? Anyone else ? Can someone who is more familiar with this format pm them for me and I'll go ahead and set up the league. Going to use Yahoo again ( sorry) , but it's the one I understand best -unless it too has changed drastically. lol Going to take the first 8 and then cut it off ( unless we get another even number like 10 immediately after). First come; first served. Back with details later.
  16. Ok, not a lot of time to spare and and I feel lost still in this new format, but who's in this year ? I'll give you a week to chime in or it's off.
  17. So, how's it going so far guys and gals? Just popped in to wonder about football this season. Carry on!
  18. Pretty sure you should be able to change it somewhere, CanAm. In my experience as commish, I don't recall finding anything that one couldn't change except league type ; points or head to head. Click around through the settings/menus again in case you've overlooked something. This 'weekly' thing seems new to me, however. Don't recall ever having seen it as an option before, but it certainly seems like a pain for everyone who's used to the old format. Plus, a weekly setting seems even more maddening as one wouldn't know who may get hurt, slump, or you may want to dump and pick up someone, etc. Too much planning! Would work better for football. Good luck with it!
  19. Congrats to Phil as the 2014 SFFF champion! :partytime1: :sing1: :happybanana: You put together a great team, made all the right moves, and pretty much consistently steamrolled us all season. Congrats to Rocky for second and Kenne for third as well! Thanks to all for playing again this year. Seems I've got to get more on the ball when it comes close to draft time next year.
  20. Happy Birthday, Edna ! :pianist: :guitar: :sing1:
  21. Playoffs start this week in head to head, folks, so get your teams in order if you haven't been watching them them carefully lately. The top 6 teams play for the championship, and since the standings were rather tight this season, it's anyone's to take/lose with a couple good/bad weeks. Well worth a look considering the length of the season. The last 4 teams get a bye this week , but will get a consolation playoff starting next week. May as well take a minute to see if you can keep or improve your standing overall as well. The points league has no playoff and just continues to calculate points until the last regular season game. Good luck all!
  22. Top Ten Reasons Why Alfred Hitchcock Was A Really Good Film Director 10. He released 3 bona fide classics in the space of 3 years; Vertigo (1958), North By Northwest (1959) & Pyscho (1960) 9. We are still talking about him 34 years after his death 8. He ensured that we would never look benignly at large groups of birds ever again. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
  23. My email said 'C is for Championship', Phil. Actually, I didn't set a single pick; just let if choose whatever and deal with it after. I don't think I could've drafted much better if I'd spent a lot of time on it, though, as I really have fallen out of touch with who plays now except for the big names. The games aren't on TV as much as they used to be now.
  24. Riders 34, Bombers 30. Rider's are 10-0 vs Winnipeg on Labour Day-suck on that ,Rayzor !
  25. Yahoo! Has tried to jazz up it's Fantasy Games over the years . I see the latest mail gives us a draft report card. Kenne got an 'A' based on point projections, so good job on that! Rest of us 'B's' and 'C's. You can see the results also on the right upper side of your team page. I got a C...
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