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  1. Make way Let me tell you how?s it?s going down Let me introduce the new show in town Taking no prisoners that?s my sound One young dude coming just for you Yo it?s been to long since you heard the truth So this is real no substitute I?ve come to lay it down, for you You tried of hearing songs about things they got When your dead broke and ain?t got a lot Got questions and answers they have not That?s why I came to blow the spot You ready for something new Instead of my brand new car or my new shoes Or my Burberry this or my 22s Chorus Make way for the
  2. Shoulda Listen I should?ve stopped looked and listened before I proceeded But caution I threw to the wind So many people where put in my life to help lead me And guide me But I didn?t wanta talk to them So I ignored their advice And I tried to hide the pain from you The wrong road was chosen And my heart has been broken Cause I didn?t want to hear them, I should?ve said what I didn?t say Should?ve went right but I went left that day Should?ve prayed instead I strayed Should?ve gone I different way. (Chorus) Should?ve listened to my mother when she said you whe
  3. I Know I know you been in these streets For like 3 weeks now I?m stratin? to worry myself, so come back now Don?t want you strung out I don?t want you laid out Only 14 with 1 child now Pregnant with no shoes is where you?ll end up now Your 14 you?ve got your whole life ahead of you What?s that 20 year old man got to do with you I wish theres someone you could look up to (Chorus) I know that you wanta to be in these streets I know you think you gotta hustle to eat Money doesn?t matter to me I just want you home I know you gotta do what cha gotta do I know what th
  4. Yo this is what happened: Yo I woke up late it was like 10 in the mornin' I was still half asleep and sleepy eyed, still yawning' I checked my voice mail to see who'd been callin' I turned on my computer check my email logged on it Junk mail, junk mail dog-gone-it Everybody just tryin to sell me they product But there was one email that just caught my optic It said suicidal, took the mouse and clicked on it She said " Dear CS you don't know who I am, You probably don't care cause I?m just another fan. I doubt you ever read this, now but if ya can Sometimes I slash my wrists and ev
  5. I see you watching me Yeah you know I'm on it See how I'm living You know I'm too strong All they throw at me I'm not fallin for it They think I'm alone They've got it all wrong Everybody on the left and everybody on the right Who's not scared to testify (willing to testify) Gotta let the world know it That you're not afraid to show it If you're not afraid to show it, let me hear you tonight All my people in the place you're looking good with style and grace But here's my question listen clear Where my soldiers (right here) Say hey (hey) If you know you keep it tight Say
  6. Man RUN DMC paved the way for a lot of rappers and they should never be forgotten ever. Run DMC and Airosmith broke the barrier between rap and rock, and so now so many bands followed that type of music, like Kid Rock, L.B. and others.
  7. Wanna quit and give up Simon says to pack it up Shot down from all sides Don't know why I try So take this and kiss it Goodbye won't miss it I wanna go back to L.A. I don't belong that's what they say They said don't try to change the world You're just 1 teen. So it's me against the world today I'm gonna do it my own way And though nobody understands I'm gonna make a one teen stand It's not Independence Day I can't waste time on what they say If we believe when we have faith We're gonna change the world someday Back again one more time Couldn't keep me down last time Le
  8. THOUSAND FOOT KRUTCH is the best band ever, even if you never heard them they are the best Canadain band in the last 10 years. Their over all message is be yourself and find something you belive in and stand for it no matter what. They have songs out like RAWK FIST and Phenomenon witch is off their latest cd called Phenomenon. Their first album was called Set It Off. They Have a side project called F.M. Static witch is a good band as well.
  9. Verse: No one sits with him, he doesn?t fit in But we feel like we do when we make fun of him Cause you want to belong do you go along Cause his pain is the price paid for you to belong It?s not like we hate him or want him to die But maybe he goes home and thinks suicide Or he comes back to school with a gun at his side And a kindness from you might have saved his life Tag: Heroes are made when you make a choice Chorus: You could be a hero Heroes do what?s right You might save a life You could be a hero, You could join the fight For what?s right! Verse: No one talks t
  10. IMPERFECT You?re worth so much It will never be enough To see what you have to give How beautiful you are You?re so far from what you want to be You mean so much Because Heaven would tough the face of human kind for you How special you are, so revel in your day You?re fearfully and wonderfully made Tears fall down again You fall to you?re knees You beg you plead ?Can I be someone else for the all the time I hate myself? Your failure devours your heart in every hour You?re trading in your imperfections You?re worth so much But so easily crushed You fight your
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