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  1. Hi Suzie!  I'd never heard this song before, but I found it on Youtube and jotted down the lyrics for you.  Hope this helps. :-)

    Dreamin' dreams that never could come true
    Dreamin' dreams was all I'd ever do
    Just going nowhere
    [everything was wrong]
    Just going nowhere
    [then you came along]
    Melinda love I found the dream in you

    Melinda love until you came my way
    Every day was just another day
    I was just nowhere
    [no direction known]
    Just going nowhere
    [looking for a home]
    Melinda love I found the place to stay

    Saw the world through empty eyes
    Little did I realize
    All the beauty you can find
    When love becomes your state of mind

    Melinda love I never thought I'd see
    All my dreams become reality
    But you are here now
    [nothing can go wrong]
    Yes, you are here now
    [right where you belong]
    Melinda love I love you loving me

    Saw the world through empty eyes
    Little did I realize
    All the beauty you can find
    When love becomes your state of mind

    Ba da ba da ba da ba 
    Ba da ba da ba da ba 
    [to fade]


  2. I'm on the alumni board at my old alma mater.  We have a museum on campus and host the kids for several days at the beginning of the year and other various nights of the week (parents' night, etc.).  Bar none, the old (1960s-era) typewriter is the thing they hone in on.  Every kid has to try the thing out and ultimately wind up getting the keys stuck, and then asking "how do you make it go back?" (enter the platen return!)

    We are in the process of assembling an exhibit that'll have stuff like turntables, dial phones, film cameras, stuff they have no clue about.  It's really humbling to see how far technology has gone even since I was in school, much less the turn of the century.;)

  3. Beethoven

    An artsy, musically inclined genius, Beethoven will forever be revered as a core part of classical music. Naturally talented and gifted, he gained a reputation as a pianist while studying composition with Joseph Haydn. He began to lose his hearing in his late twenties, but that didn't stop him. Despite not performing publicly anymore later in life, his most-famous songs were written in the last fifteen years of his life. If you're like Beethoven, you're talented, smart, and rising above some kind of issue, health problem, or circumstance that could have stopped you. You're resilient and, above all, memorable.

  4. Happy 2017, all!  I have been volunteering for a horse rescue (look for the reality show in 2017 - no joke) here in my neck of the woods.  They are the most active horse rescue in the nation, rescuing horses from the slaughter pipeline and getting them adopted out to forever homes.  This year they rescued a grand-son of Seattle Slew (the last Triple Crown winner).  His name is Seattle Proud and he'd originally sold for $350k as a colt, won over 100 races, won hundreds of thousands for his owners, then somehow wound up on a kill auction lot.  Now he's living out the dream on a horse ranch in Idaho, all because of HiCaliber.

    At any rate.... I wrote an article to enter the founder in a contest worth $50k to her charity, HiCaliber Horse Rescue.  Please, please go vote on it.  We have only through the 5th to garner as many votes as possible.  No information is necessary from you, just click on "vote now."  And share the link.  Thank you!!! :-)


    Eagle Rare Life Survival Story: Michelle Cochran

  5. Me, too, Sammy.


    You don't worry about the past and take each day as it comes, happy for all the joy that life brings. You're not afraid of change or of the future. You are open and honest, brave and unflinching. You are passionate and emotional.

    I like maybe 3 of their songs, change annoys me, and I do occasionally flinch.

  6. I agree, Uli.  My kid and I went to see that one.  I'd watch Kate McKinnon in anything, she's the best.  "Ghostbusters" the original is in my Top Ten list of all time favorite movies, and this one did it justice, I think.  Not as a replacement by any stretch, but as a different take on the same thing.

  7. Let's not forget Russell Crowe, Jared Leto, Bruce Willis... and if you want to get in the way way back machine, Danielle Brisebois (from All in the Family) and Tina Yothers (from Family Ties), among others.  Then there's Janet Jackson, but now we're getting into maybe singers who acted for a little while when they were young 'uns.

  8. "Midnight Confessions" ~ Grass Roots

    "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon. The guy is clearly wrong for her, but she can't break free.

    "Everything You Want" is actually about drugs.  Matt Scannell told me that his girlfriend was more in love with drugs than with him.  But, in a classic case of making the song universal, voila!


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