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  1. So is Kazaa going to fade into oblivian like Napster and Morpheus or are they going to hold on? I personally hate the RIAA and think they should keep out of affairs the obviously know nothing about.Rock on!
  2. even hardcore junkies say they couldnt move if they had as much morphine in their blood as he did ( NOTE:herion turns into morphine in your system)
  3. Just adding to great lyrics list: D7, Clean Up Before She Comes,Rape Me,and Frances Farmer Will have Her Revenge On Seattle.Plus Kurt was happier than he had ever been, someone commented once (i cant remember for the life of me who,but they were close to Kurt) that if he had shot himself a year earlier they would have belived it,but he was happier than hed ever been till then. I reccomend you read the book "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?",they look into all logical possibilities, and go to Justice For Kurt .
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