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  1. does Bela Fleck's acoustic bluegrass session vol. 2 count as a solo project from the flecktones? cuz if it does, that that album def. Even if you dont like the flecktones, theres a good chance you will like that album.
  2. its time to make this more specific... best female drummer (ie meg white), best drummer turned singer (ie dave grohl), and untalented drummer in a good band (ie ringo starr). Knock your selves out with more catigories.
  3. If anyone has reciently listened to k-rock, or a similer radio station, you probibly heard a nervana song. sure, nirvanas a great band, but they are 12 years old... old enough so that they should be on a classic rock station. Since cobain's death, there been a steady supply of crappy nirvana rip off bands that, because of their popularity, make it impossible for interesting bands to get airtime. Case in point, spin magazine has at least three covers a year that feature nirvana, talking about how cobain was a tortured soul, and yet another story about how he was god-like. Why does a 12 year old band with a dead lead singer need that much press and air time? Nirvanas a great band, but at this point their popularity is stunting the growth of rock like cigarettes. When you ask a person their favorite band, more often then not then mention nirvana. its time to move on. Now this is probibly gonna result in a lot of posts of "hey stupidface, nervana is the greatest band ever! you suck!" i love nirvana, and yes, they are one of the greatest bands of all time, but at this point they are just hurting modern music.
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