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  1. Pat is somewhat of a local icon. However, local encompasses a pretty big damn stretch of real estate. Ohio, South Western Ontario, and Michigan. Pat is like the Mid-West's answer to Jimmy Buffett, and the bars are always sold out for his Put-In-Bay (party haven) summer appearances. He is a story-teller with huge flair for comedy in his songs. Titles like "Doobie and a Brew", "Just How Drunk Are We Gonna Get?" "I've Got To Be Drunk To Do That" "Nymphomaniac" and "Song Writer's Lament" are concert standards. He has a website available to order his cd's www.patdailey.com and I have seen his stuff available via the different file-sharing places. His is the kind of music you bellow along with him at the top of your lungs after having WAY too many draft beers in a hot sweaty overcrowded bar, and remember it fondly for the rest of your life. (You convieniently forget that you spent the wee hours of that night yarking over the stern of your 25 foot Bayliner and into the marina, but there, I am getting autobiographical). I have included the lyrics to my favorite Daily song for your enjoyment... Ahoy! Song Writers Lament (Words and Music By Pat Dailey) Jimmy Buffett made it big, playin' down in Key West, but I doubt, that I ever will. 'Cause my hair ain't that blonde, and my skin ain't that tanned, And I never been, to Margaritaville. 'Cause every guitar player in the Key's sounds just like Jimmy. And all the girls in the bar, are wonderin' where he is, So if you ask me to play you some Buffett, Well, I'm afraid that you'll just have to stuff it, When Jimmy starts playin' my songs, I'll start playin' his. It was the same thing when I played down in Texas. "Play Willie!" all the rednecks would yell. No matter what I would play, I can still hear them say "If you don't play Willie, you can just go to Hell" Well every guitar player in Texas, sounds just like Willie. And all the girls in the bars, are wonderin' where he is And if you don't play the Red-Headed stranger, Well, in Texas, your life is in danger When Willie starts playin' my songs, I'll start playin' his. Ahh, it's been goin' on forever..... 'Cause in the Rockies, they'd ask for John Denver... In Chicago, it's Goodman and Prine How many bars, must I play my guitars Before they start askin' for mine? 'Cause every guitar player in the world, sounds just like someone. But you never know who, until you know who he is... So if it's Jimmy or Willie you see, Won't you pass this along from me When he starts playin' my songs, I'll start playin his. If it's Jimmy or Willie you see, Won't you pass this along, please, from me... When he sings Pat Dailey songs, I'll start singin' his.... And I hope he gets tired of my songs, 'Cause I'm sure tired of his......
  2. Barenaked Ladies. Hands down, the Great White North's best band. Right behind them, the Tea Party.
  3. This is an instant message I received tonight via KaZaa. I had left it running all day, and it was awaiting me when I got home. Please note, a cut-and-paste, no modifications. WARNING: It appears that you are offering copyrighted music to others from your computer. While we appreciate your love of music, please be aware that sharing copyrighted music on the Internet without permission from the copyright owner is illegal. Victims of this process are the artists, songwriters and musicians who create the music and the other talented individuals who are involved in bringing you the music. More than 40,000 Canadians work hard producing and supporting the music you appear to enjoy, including producers, engineers, retailers, music publishers, distributors, manufacturers, record companies, concert promoters and broadcasters. When you break the law, you risk legal penalties. There is a simple way to avoid that risk: Don't distribute music to others on a file-sharing system like this. For further information, please go to www.cria.ca. Why didn't they just add, "And thanks for paying through the nose for that shi**y "Derailers" disc you bought last Thursday night. We miss you spending 26 bucks once a week!". And when you go to the website they offer, this is what I got.. The server you have reached is not configured or unavailable! Again, a cut-and-paste. I am going to triple my efforts. Ken.
  4. Catherine brings up a sore point with me. As for Lars Ulrich's whining about lost revenue... You guys ever hear of a man by the name of Solomon Linda? Probably not, right? I guarantee you have have heard his song. Solomon Linda composed the melody and song structure for "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Without doing a lot of research at the moment, I read numerous times that this melody is now almost 100 years old, and, he was paid a paltry sum for it. Something like a dollar or so. The song (again, this is what I have read, and I am inclined to believe it) the song/melody has made more money than all others. Given the fact Disney has used it in a couple of the zillion selling kids movies, and it has been used commercially more than I care to remember, and the guy who's brain it came up in made essentially nothing. Lars has a gold-plated toilet.Solomon Linda was buried in an unmarked grave. I don't feel bad for Lars. Ken.
  5. At 15, Scott sounds like a young punk with an attitude. Saying certain bands suck, listening to records on a turntable, and telling the RIAA to BITE ME, he'll keep getting his music for free. His whole post reeks of rebellious attitude. Good Christ, I hope there are a million more kids out there like him. Scott, you've given me hope that there is a future. Download the Ramones, "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?". Here's a quote from the song. "We need change, we need it fast, before rock is, part of the past. 'Cause lately it all sounds the same to me.". Warm regards, Ken.
  6. I guess I need to clarify. When I had written that, I was using you as a refrence for age only. You are 17. From what I have been reading here, you represent the younger age of the spectrum here on these boards. I am going on 40. I don't consider myself old, but in between the 2 ages (yours and mine), there were some drastic changes. I have neices and nephews your age (the 15-16-17 year old age bracket). They don't remember the hassles that involved hearing your favorite song. They weren't around. Or the hassles involved with a record player, or an 8-track player. My first record player was a Mattel close-n-play. It was a toy. You'd stick a 45rpm in, shut the lid, and the record would play. And it was horrible when it would skip, as you knew that was it for the record. Want one that doesn't skip? Buy a new record. Nowdays, heck, just pitch the disc, make a new one in 2 minutes via the computer. And Bobo, you say you'd like to try the pennies on the needle thing. Some advice. Don't. 9 times out of 10, it will only screw up the record. Ken.
  7. I really DID download that Cheryl Crow album. How ironic is it that I am looked down on for downloading an album of hers, containing a song she didn't write? "The First Cut Is The Deepest". Granted, she has to pay royalties for it's inclusion, but she didn't have to do too damn much in the composition department, did she. Is she that short on life-experiences and melodies that she couldn't write another song for the album herself? It's almost a note-by-note reproduction of the original, sung by her. Karaoke, anyone?And she'll make a boatload of $$ because of it's inclusion. "Hey, Cat? I'm gonna sing something you wrote, I'll make a big pile, you'll earn a smaller pile". But I'm bad for nicking it for free.... 'Druther give my hard earned pesos to Cat Stevens himself. Think I'll buy one of his 'Best Of' discs just to spite her. G'night. Ken.
  8. I gave this a lot of thought before posting. "Jeeze, can we actually talk about this here?" Then I flipped to the Kazaa screen to see how my downloads were going, and saw that there were three million, three hundred fifty one thousand, four hundred sixty five other people on at the same time as me, sharing a number of files I couldn't count. Can we be ALL criminals? I don't know how to feel about downloading (sharing) music files. I have been doing it for about 4 years now. I am pretty sure file sharing has killed the music industry, if Brittney is the best they have to offer. But, I can't feel all that guilty. I started collecting music in album form when I was a kid. Like everyone else, I switched to tapes, both 8-track and cassette. I was one of the first people to buy a CD player. In the 17+ years I have been collecting cd's, my personal collection now numbers fifteen hundred twenty seven discs. Given an arbitrary cost of $22.00 bucks a disc (hey, it's Canada, that's what I pay), I have spent $33,594.00 I am not complaining, it was my choice to allocate the money to the purchase. But I think I paid through the nose. So when the availability came up to get the music free, I was on it like a fat kid on an M&M. I was on Napster day and night. More so when I got high-speed internet. Had heart-failure when they killed it. Was resucitated when KaZaa came online. When I got my first burner, I made cd's like a crazy man. Then realized that I had essentially downloaded all the music I already had, and was just making different compilations. Eventually, I downloaded a lot of music I wouldn't have bought as, it was the only song on the disc that I liked (think, Aldo Nova. "Fantasy" was the only reason to buy the album). The younger ones today have it weird. When I was young you had to wait for HOURS for your favorite song to be played on the radio. Then you faced the ghetto-blaster to another sound source to record the damn thing, hoping your Ma or Dad didn't bellow to come upstairs and eat dinner and screw up your song. How many times I yelled "SHUT UP!!! I'm TAPING!!!". (Don't laugh, I hang onto an old cassette with that inclusion for just that reason. My Dad sounds like someone was sawing his leg off, calling me for dinner). People like Bobo, at 17, given the fact file-sharing has been around for 5 years now, was 12 when it came on the scene. Never had to put friggin' pennies on a record needle because the damn record skipped. Instant digital music. Never had to contend with a Mattel Close-n-Play. Never had to screw with a stupid 8-track that never rewound, and sounded like someone dropped a garbage truck off the Empire State Building when the program changed. Music Utopia for the younger crowd. And I don't mean Bobo personally, just, people of his demograph. But they have it weird because there is nothing of merit coming out these days. A Catch-22. Look at the Rolling Stone Top 10. Seems to be a lack of supergroups these days. What do you think? Did file sharing kill off the 'good' music? In my own defense, I bought a cd tonight, from an online review I had read. "The Derailers - Genuine". Bought it at MusicWorld, here in my hometown. I paid 26 bucks, plus tax! First disc I had bought in ages. Got in the truck, put it in the cd player. It was horrible. Oh well, caveat emptor.... (Latin, for "let the buyer beware"). And if the RIAA doesn' tlike me file-sharing, too damn bad. The 35 grand I spent, bought SOMEONE an inground swimming pool. Ken. P.S... I got an instant message via Kazaa last week telling me that what I was doing was wrong, draining profits from the RIAA. Sending me that only makes me redouble my efforts. Think I'll make Kelly that God-awful Cheryl Crow disc she's been bugging me for now.
  9. I was going to post a reply to this, and left. Then thought more of it. You asked, and here is my reply, warts and all. I am 39. Married to Kelly for the last 16+ years. We've had scrapes bumps and bruises, but we are reasonably happy. Father to Korey. He is adopted. So am I. So is my sister, and my mother-in-law. It kinda runs in the family. Korey is 11 and never ceases to amaze me. I am 6 foot tall, and my hair is leaving me. Sara and Carl's health regimen is alien to me, as is anyone else in shape, and something I envy. I smoke. Too much. I am not overweight, but not in any kind of shape. I probably have high blood pressure, and have never had any kind of physical examination. My diet would make a doctor faint. It is horrible. I see a dentist often, so, the teeth are good. I fly in a small airplane frequently with a friend of mine. I'd love to get my pilots licence. I am a parts counter manager in the high-end electrical field. I am told by many that I am some kind of guru, electrically. I wish I shared their confidence. I doubt myself constantly in every aspect of my life. I have no patience, and view that as a fault. I get mad too easily, and judge people too quickly. But every day I wake up and try to do better. I think I am making a bit of headway. I am afraid of death. We (Kelly and I) only have a small handful of friends, but they have been friends of ours forever. Kelly says I take a lot of things too personal. I hate camping, but I do love being outside. So yes, I am in the backyard with the family and the barbecue. I can make you laugh at a funeral. Making people laugh is something I have always done, and something I love doing. I love KISS. I always have and I always will. For that I make no apologies. I am good at secretly saving a lot of money then surprising the family with a vacation or something fun. I have a hot tub. We don't use it as much as we used to. My wife is the most organized person I know. I am the least. I am very close to my parents. I worry about most things needlessly. I have little self-confidence, but I am trying. I would rather live without having seen a single sunrise than to live without hearing music. I didn't mean to write that much, but I did. Don't be too hard on me. Always, Ken.
  10. It's the people here that make Songfacts a cool site. This place is like a favorite bar or restaurant for me, where the crowd is always fun. Nobody picking on anyone for the various musical views, no mud slinging, anad no name calling that is so prevalent with other boards. as I said before, the familiar names here are all people I'd have over for a party. Stay well. Ken.
  11. Ken

    Band Names

    How many guitarists does it take to play a Stevie Ray Vaughn solo? Unfortunately, eventually, all of them.... LOL, sorry, Stevie is the 'overrated' artist in my personal file. I like Clapton too....
  12. Ken

    Band Names

    Not to mention Kajagoogoo, Flock of Seagulls, Bow Wow Wow Richard Hell and the Voidoids, or the Plasmatics. Ahh, sweet bird of youth, where didja go? Were I to start a band, I think I'd let the bass player pick one..
  13. Carl, I like most of that stuff (With the rigid exclusion of Celine Dion. Her voice is like chewing tinfoil to me). I guess this means my musical tastes are wide, or I am a schizophrenic. On another topic, you had posted earlier that you wondered if the Beatles would have the same impact if they debuted now instead of then. I'd like to include you in a raging debate currently going on at work. Were the 4 members of the Beatles still alive, would they have ever gotten together for a reunion tour? And when bands from the past get together for a reunion tour without one or two of the original members, is it still considered a reunion. Case in point. Were Zeppelin to 'reunite' utilizing John Bonham's son Jason on the skins, would it be a reunion?. I say no, but the point is argued at work. Pink Floyd continues to tour, without key member Roger Waters. I say it's not Pink Floyd, it is a hybrid. Others argue that Floyd quit being Floyd when Syd Barrett was popped out of the band. I say that Floyd's most viable work was done "post Barrett". Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall". I am interested in your opinion, and anyone else wanting to share an opinion. Peace, Ken.
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