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  1. Darlin', count on it. (In my best cheesy Puerto Rican accent), "My love, you and I, we dance the Lambada, no? The dance of love...." Ole! Ken.
  2. I live about a 20 minute across-the-bridge-or-tunnel drive away from "HitsVille USA" where most of those songs were recorded. If you ever happen to get the chance to see the documentary film "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown", oh, brothers 'n sisters, see it. One song in particular. Me'shell N'Degeocello (I think I spelled that right) knocks the living HELL out of Smokey Robinson's "You've Really Got A Hold On Me". I ain't lyin'. Backed by the Funk Brothers (the original session musicians), every single second of that song is a musical orgasm. Right down to the piano in the background. The background singers are not of this Earth. And I LOVE Smokey Robinson, but her version gives me goosebumps. "Don't wanna kiss you, but I need to". Indeed. Ken (with goosebumps)
  3. web page I found that.... I can't reprint the lyrics here, they were foul. I found a group called D-12, with a song called 'High', perhaps this is the one. Ken.
  4. Ditto. This site is one of the best on the 'net. Hands down. Ken.
  5. I just watched it again tonight... What a sight to see that pint sized guitar demon do that duckwalk boogie down that runway deep into the audience. While he is doing this, a 'bronze' Angus statue bursts from the backdrop, smoke billowing out it's nostrils, and guitar-headstock. And the band laying down a granite-solid foundation. He never stops. I've seen them live. From the seats we had, I had a view of the stage, and a partial 'behind the curtain' view. Three-quarters through the concert, Angus disappeared behind the black stage curtain. I could see what he did. He put a foot up on a monitor and a roadie rushed over and placed a green oxygen mask on him. Angus breathed through this for a minute or so (and never missed a note, kept playing), then tore it off. Picked up a bottle of water, (still playing with his left hand)dumped it over his head, then dashed back out onstage. A few minutes later, sproinggg!, he busted a string. Another roadie came out, strapped the new Gibson SG on him (again, he was still playing with the left hand), flipped the remote, and Angus was off again, barely missing a note. The guy really is talented. Ken.
  6. No two lists would be identical. Mine would read: Kiss AC/DC The Ramones Talking Heads Eagles Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band The Sex Pistols UB40 B-52's Jimmy Buffet and the Coral Reefer Band. I'd be surprised if anyone's top 10 mirrored that, but beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. I don't put a lot of stock in top 10 lists, because, as previously stated, it is all subjective. However.... If you view AC/DC's "Stiff Upper Lip- LIVE" DVD, there are a squillion (don't ask for a numerical quantification, there was a lot of people there) folks in the audience. They have made SOMEONE's top 10 list. Take Care, Ken.
  7. MuzikTyme, I heard something like great minds thinking alike. Chek, it's people like you that make this site both work, and make it worthwhile. Cheers! Ken.
  8. IMAGINARY LOVER Atlanta Rhythm Section Imaginary lovers Never turn you down When all the others turn you away They're around It's my private pleasure Midnight fantasy Someone to share my Wildest dreams with me Imaginary lover you're mine anytime Imaginary lovers, oh yeah When ordinary lovers Don't feel what you feel And real-life situations lose their thrill Imagination's unreal Imaginary lover, imaginary lover You're mine anytime Imaginary lovers never disagree They always care They're always there when You need satisfaction guaranteed Imaginary lover, imaginary lover You're mine all the time My imaginary lover You're mine anytime
  9. If you like that song, check out the artist, "Bob Welch". His songs are kind of in the Atlanta Rhythm Section style. Particularly, the song "Ebony Eyes". The drums on that song have to be heard to be believed. Ken.
  10. A great song from the seventies. It was done by the "Atlanta Rhythm Section". Ken.
  11. Talking Heads - "Stop Making Sense" The Eagles - "Hell Freezes Over" "Kiss" - "MTV Unplugged" "Down From The Mountain"- Music from the film "O Brother Where Art Thou" Gordon Lightfoot - "Live In Reno" AC/DC - "Live at Donington", "Stiff Upper Lip LIVE" Sara McLaughlin - "MirrorBall" Barenaked Ladies - "Barelaked Nadies"
  12. "Perhaps Love"- John Denver w/ Placido Domingo. Perhaps love is like a resting place, a shelter from the storm It exists to give you comfort, it is there to keep you warm And in those times of trouble when you are most alone The memory of love will bring you home Perhaps love is like a window, perhaps an open door It invites you to come closer, it wants to show you more And even if you lose yourself and don't know what to do The memory of love will see you through Love to some is like a cloud, to some as strong as steel For some a way of living, for some a way to feel And some say love is holding on and some say letting go And some say love is everything, and some say they don't know Perhaps love is like the ocean, full of conflict, full of pain Like a fire when it's cold outside, thunder when it rains If I should live forever, and all my dreams come true My memories of love will be of you Some say love is holding on and some say letting go Some say ove is everything and some say they don't know Perhaps love is like the mountains, full og conflict, full of change Like a fire when it's cold outside, thunder when it rains If I should live forever, and all my dreams come true My memories of love will be of you Ken.
  13. Bob Seger's "Heavy Music" drifting seamlessly into "Katmandu". Rock brilliance.
  14. The band was "The Fine Young Cannibals", and if memory serves correct, the singer/dancer was Roland Gift. They also did a song called "Good Thing", which always sounded like the Sesame Street theme, to me. Hope this helps, Ken.
  15. I have put a lot of thought into this before replying. Mike makes some excellent points. Here's my outlook on it. I don't believe an induction into the hall of fame actually means anything. Like Catherine says, there are a lot of political / money-based / nepotism style factors that go into an induction. But here is the thing. I could tell Mike every day for the rest of my life that Rush sucks (not my opinion, I am speaking hypothetically). To MIKE, it wouldn't mean a damn thing. He loves them, crazy about them, buys the DVD's, CD's and concert tickets no matter their standing in the Hall Of Fame. Same with me and Kiss. Wish I had a buck for every time someone told me how much Kiss sucked. I love them, crass commercialism aside. I have spent a Denver mint on the comic books, belt buckles, lunch boxes, cd's, t-shirts, concert tickets, albums, DVD's, on and on. And they aren't in the Hall Of Fame! To the fan of either band, or any other band that isn't in there, it doesn't really matter. They make music, you love them, and so it goes. A friend of mine went to the Hall of Fame last year. I asked him what he thought. He said the place was ok, but run by Nazi's. No pictures, and everything was antiseptic, sterile. He made the point that it was 'anti-rock and roll'. Rock and Roll isn't s'posed to be like that. It's about freedom, being a wild spirit, ripping off, being ripped off, rebellion. I think he was just bummed you couldn't take pictures. I mean.... Not being able to photograph Ramones memorabilia? What's up with that? Ramones were ABOUT flying in the face of authority. The Sex Pistols were ABOUT rebellion. So, I don't think an induction means really, anything. The White Stripes were pretty popular a short while back. Let's see if they enjoy the same/greater popularity 30+ years from now like Kiss / Rush does. THAT is the only *real* mark of fame. See you soon friends. Ken.
  16. I can't believe this gem hasn't been discussed yet. If you haven't yet seen the film, run out and get it. Loosely based on Homer's "Odyssey", the film is set in the depression-era deep South. It tells the story of three convicts who break away from the prison chain-gang searching for a treasure. In the search for it they encounter a wild assortment of characters including a one-eyed Bible salesman (and KKK member), crooked politicians, inept cops, famous bad guys, and cows. Lots and lots of cows. Entwined with this is some of the most startlingly beautiful music I have ever heard on a soundtrack. A congregation (led by Alison Krauss) turning in a gorgeous "Down To The River To Pray", 3 'sirens' (actually sung by Emmylou Harris, Gillian Welch, and Alison Krause) turning in a hypnotic "Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby". There are a couple of showstoppers, the first being "Man Of Constant Sorrow" (Like, try getting THAT song out of your head), and Tim Blake Nelson's gleeful dim-witted romp through "In The Jailhouse Now". I am probably more than a bit biased, as, there was a bit of a tug in the film for me. It opens with a song that rang a distant, dim bell with me. The opening credits are set to Harry McClintock's "Big Rock Candy Mountain". The lyrics were oddly......... comfortable, and familiar. "Birds and the bees and the cigarette trees" "All the cops have wooden legs, the bulldogs all have rubber teeth and the hens lay soft boiled eggs". After the movie, I hopped in the shower and it hit me like a sledge. I started to cry like a kid. As a kid, at family gatherings the booze flowed pretty freely. We'd be upstairs once every now and again doing homework, playing Pong or whatever. Invariably, my 4'2" French Canadian, drunk as a lord Grandfather would come in reeling, and sing that very song. Word for word. Pat me on the head, tell me he loved me, give me 5 bucks, and head back down for more beers with my family. I lost him in '95, and miss him like hell. He used to call me Bucko. My eyes are running now as I write this. He was cool, the movie was cool, and the music was cool. Be well my friends. Ken.
  17. What if Britney got married, had it anulled, and..... no one cared? To be honest, I think of the Sex Pistols every time I see / hear about Britney and / or Christina. Mr Lydon, if you will? "Don't ask us to attend 'cos we're not all there. Oh don't pretend 'cos I don't care I don't believe illusions 'cos too much is real So stop your cheap comment 'cos we know what we feel Oh we're so pretty Oh so pretty we're vacant Oh we're so pretty Oh so pretty a-vacant Oh we're so pretty Oh so pretty Ah but now and we don't care" - Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant" (Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols). Paris Hilton is brought to mind as well. Ken.
  18. "Pickin' in the Wildwood"- Flatt & Scruggs "Wildwood Flower"- Chet Atkins. "Church In The Wildwood"- The Chuck Wagon Gang
  19. Ken

    The Gorge in George

    From the look of the Website, looks like a good place for a show. Have you seen any there Mike?
  20. I apologize in advance for cross-posting, this is the proper forum for it. I have attended a lot of concerts, the following being the high-water mark for me. If you aren't a Kiss fan, you have to realize something. I was beaten up more than once as a kid because I loved them. I had the lunchboxes and the belt-buckles, the notebooks, the comic books (printed in REAL KISS BLOOD! . I had the cheap shi**y Kiss transistor radio, the dolls (er, action figures), the collector cards, bedroom lamp, t-shirts and so much more. If Kiss was on it, I wanted it. Got mad when my Ma and Dad refused to buy me "Double Platinum" (FORGET IT!! It's the same songs you already HAVE!")In retrospect, they were right, but dammit, I wanted it. Thank God for an older cousin, bought it for me for a Catholic confirmation gift, if you can believe it. And then as the years passed, Kiss lost their 'crunchy' edge that made me love them so much. Went disco. Went pop. Went soft. Then members started quitting / being booted. I marginally followed them, read about them in the rock mags, and with each disparging comment made by the two remaining members against the two wayward members, a reunion seemed implausible. This went on (and still, unfortunately continues somewhat) for almost 17 years. Then came Kiss' MTV 'unplugged' concert. A friend of mine had recorded it and gave me the tape. I watched it more for the novelty of seeing them unplugged, but, without Ace and Peter, it was like..... "Diet Kiss". Until.... "We have some members of the family here with us tonight. I'm not talking about Mom and Dad, I'm talkin' about.... Ace Frehley and Peter Criss!". My wife thought I lost my mind. Hooting and screaming, real tears in my eyes. Jumping. Now knowing why Rob was so insistent earlier that day that I watch the damn tape. Then they appeared in late February, maybe early March on the American Music Awards in full gear and warpaint. Again, I was totally shocked. The original 4. yet... was it a one off thing, or would there be a full-blown reunion tour? The tour announcement came shortly afterwards, and the opening city was a total shock. June 28th, 1996. Detroit, Michigan. Tiger Stadium. 10:05, to be precise.. I paid (with the U.S. : Canadian exchange), almost five hundred dollars for my ticket. I have heard of conniption fits, but never saw one up close until Kelly found out what I for a band she wouldn't walk to the end of the driveway to see for free. But I had my ticket. And so did 3 other die-hard friends. 23 rows from the stage. I have been to other concerts, but nothing on this scale. By now I had been a die-hard fan for almost 21 years, and this was the night they were going to hit the stage for the fist time in 17 years with all the original members, in full battle gear and all the warpaint. You can argue that they have no musical merit, (and you might even be a little bit right)but that night there were roughly 70,000 people that would have disagreed with you. And dear God, I was one of them. Walking through the gates at the stadium, the religious nutcases were there in full fervor. Get a life folks, it's a rock concert. Walked out onto the field, and just couldn't believe my eyes at the sheer size of the stage. Two massive "KISS ARMY" signs on each side of the stage. Twin hydraulic lifts on either side. And a gigantic black curtain hiding most of the performance part of the stage. And the security people kept waving us closer. You could see the chrome from Peter's drum kit winking through the curtain, and I got goosebumps in spite of the stifling heat. Alice in Chains and Sponge opened. Yawn. I stood in line and paid too much for lukewarm beer. At 10PM, the stadium lights went out and a roar went through the crowd. The electricity was a living, breathing animal. Blue Kleig lights went on, and helicopters buzzed the top of the stadium with the searchlights going. People were apoplectic. And then as fast as they (the helicopters)were there, they were gone. Replaced by a throbbing hum from the massive P.A. system. And it was hot. Good Christ it was hot. From that roaring blackness came a harbinger of what was to come..... "ALLLL RIIIIIIGHT DEEEEEETROIT! YOU WANTED THE BEST, YOU GOT THE BEST..... THE..... HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD! KISS . The curtain fell, the flames shot up, they launched into 'Deuce' full throttle. And mid song, during the thunderous guitar chorus, there they were, locked in unison. Classic Kiss triangle formation. Ace up front, flanked by Gene on the left, Paul on the right. Guitars first pointed heavenward, then down to hell, all while swaying to the song. I couldn't help but raise a clenched fist and try to look as best I could through the tears. Joyous. I swear my pubic hair retracted and I was 13 all over again. It was like having your head in a rocket engine. Mid-concert, Gene Simmons (a tit in real life, but hell, he breathes fire! ), leered out into the audience. A small trickle of 'blood' leaked from the corner of his mouth. The trickle turned into a steady flow. The flow turned into a river cascading down his chest, and all over his bass guitar. The bass solo made my eyeballs vibrate in their sockets. He was hoisted 60 feet in the air and set down on top of a massive, gently swaying lighting rig. They launched into "God Of Thunder". Four fourty foot pillars of flame belched up around him. I was so close I could see his hair tighten up with the heat. He got to the lyric "I was born on Olympus.... To my father a son" and pointed at the full moon. Covered in 'blood'. Looking like someone who ate his way out of an insane asylum. I looked at my friend Rob there with me and said ohhhhhhhhhh..... cool." LAter, Ace's guitar launched rockets and shot a PAR can out of the lighting rig. A well dressed 50 some-odd year old guy in front of me turned, grinned and said "Fu****g....YEAH!" It was a great night, and a great concert. It really was. I have tried to take you there with my words as best as I could, and I know I have fallen short. You can buy the CD's, you can watch the DVD's, but there is nothing, nothing like attending a Kiss concert. Goodnight, Ken.
  21. Kissin' Time (KISS) Come on Charlotte Wake up San Diego , Milwaukee, Miami Put your two lips together and KISS! We?re kissin? in Cleveland , and Cincinnatti too Way out in Chicago , I?ll tell you what to do They party all over, even in St. Lou So baby get ready and I?ll be kissin? you Oh, oh, ?cause anytime is kissin? time, U.S.A. So treat me right, don?t make me fight And we?ll rock and roll tonight We?re kissin? in Dallas And Philly ?s goin? wild So let?s kiss Atlanta , whoa You know we?ll make it smile We love the women Way down in Tennessee So baby come on now and start a-kissin? me Oh, oh, ?cause anytime is kissin? time, U.S.A So treat me right, don?t make me fight And we?ll rock and roll tonight Kiss all of Seattle , L.A to Baltimore You know we been kissin? in ?Frisco , so lets kiss some more Let?s do it in Detroit , they all know the score So baby, oh baby, what are we waitin? for? Oh, oh, ?cause anytime is kissin? time, U.S.A. So treat me right, don?t make me fight And we?ll rock and roll tonight Oh, oh, ?cause anytime is kissin? time, U.S.A. So treat me right, don?t make me fight And we?ll rock and roll tonight Oh, oh, ?cause anytime is kissin? time, usa So treat me right, don?t make me fight And we?ll rock and roll tonight
  22. Alright..... Time to shake it up a bit, as it were. This forum needs some spicing up. For 'those moments', present a soundtrack for those nights when everything is perfect, and you are with the one you love. "Take It Off"- Kiss. (Hey, it's playful. "Wave your panties in the air, lick your lips and shake your hair. Uh-huh"). Leaves no doubt as to what is on my mind. "Black Magic Woman"- Santana. It simmers, allows for playfulness while finishing up the dishes.. "Open Up The Red Box" - "Moments In Love" - Simply Red and Art Of Noise. Good for a relaxing hot bath avec vin, your choice, Blanc, or Rouge "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love" / "Love's Theme" / "You're My Everything" Barry White - Yeah, like I am gonna elaborate. Hell, let the whole "The Icon Is Love" album play. Twice, maybe. Barry is the key when it comes to squishy-squashy time. "Perhaps Love"- "Con Ti Partiro" John Denver w/ Placido Domingo / Andrea Bocelli. Mmmmmm. Settling back to Earth on the petals of roses. "Variations on the Kanon"- Johann Pachelbel. Puts you on the smooth slide to a blissful slumber. Le Quattro Stagioni- Vivaldi's "Four Seasons". Gets you through the night. Anyone care to contribute? Signing off for the night and firing up the stereo. Heeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeee. Ken.
  23. Ken

    Concert Venues.

    Wherever you happen to be, share the hallowed Rock venues in your area. Where do you go to see the stars? Being in a border city with Detroit as a neighbor, there are no shortage of concert meccas here. I've seen AC/DC at Joe Louis Arena (Known locally as 'The Joe', home of Detroit's Red Wings), I've seen Kiss at both the now defunct Tiger Stadium and Pontiac's Palace of Auburn Hills. I've seen more shows than I care to remember in Clarkston Michigan's Pine Knob Music Amphitheatre (An outdoor venue, featuring seating both in the bowl shaped lawn seats, and under the pavillion). I've seen Tom Petty there, Bob Seger a couple of times (NOTHING like Seger in his home town. What a show.) Eddie Money usually opens the summer concert series at Pine Knob. There was a triple bill there last year, my son's first concert. We sat on the lawn. Psychadelic Furs, the Go-Go's, and headliner the B-52's. It was a magical night. They opened with 'Planet Claire', and every a$$ was a shakin'. Gordon Lightfoot has closed the season out a couple of times in mid-September. We have St. Andrews Hall, I saw the Ramones there in the early 80's. It was pretty popular for punk bands, I think an early Clash played there. We have the revered Fox Theatre, gorgeously decorated. I've seen Ozzy there, again, Lightfoot once or twice there as well. One wild night during a B-52's concert there, I saw a sight I'll never forget. The balcony was visibly bouncing. Like, you could see it flexing, and Fred Schneider made the announcement that he had something to say he never thought he'd have to say. He asked the people in the balcony to refrain from dancing. The Fox is in Downtown Detroit. On the beaten path, Detroit is beautiful. However, the beaten path is narrow, and getting off it is downright petrifying. You don't want to get lost there. Chene Street park is another outdoor venue on the water. We sat on the boat and listened to B.B. King one summer night. I've also seen Aretha Franklin there. The Queen of Soul put on a fantastic show. Alvin's Delacatessen used to be a pretty good spot to see jaw-dropping blues. It isn't used much anymore, however Detroit's 'Cobo Hall' in it's heyday was the choice of venue for the big acts. Seger's 'Live Bullet' was recorded there, as was Kiss' 'Alive'. I can see Cobo and Joe Louis from the balcony of my In-Law's condo across the river here in Windsor. Wherever you might be, God Bless you. but like Seger says.... "I was readin' in Rolling Stone the other night.... They say that Deee-troit audiences are the greatest Rock and Roll Audiences in the WORLD..... I thought to myself, shi*, I've known that for ten years. " They don't call it Detroit Rock City for nothing. There is a simple beauty in sitting next to a Kid-Rock look alike, long greasy hair grinning at you and although you may or may not share the same life ideals, at that moment, both of you are getting off on the performance, high-fiveing each other. Oh yeah, and the smell of weed wafting in the air. THAT'S GOT to be universal. How about it folks... Where do YOU go? Ken.
  24. Ken

    Pat Dailey

    I'll apologize in advance, but this song is funny as hell live. Even the girls sing it... Nymphomaniac (Words and Music by Pat Daily) Welcome everybody!, to my place. You can pull up a chair, or just pull up a face. We got all we need, the only thing that we lack, Is a rich dumb young nympho-maniac! I want a rich dumb young, nympho-maniac, To ride me around, in her Cad-O-Lac When she's not on her knee's, she'll be flat on her back, I want a rich dumb young nympho-maniac Please give her great big bo*bs, and a little bitty a$$ A lovin' machine, that never runs out of gas A body like nobody ever seen before And she recently inherited a liq-uor store! I want a rich dumb young, nympho-maniac, To ride me around, in her Cad-O-Lac When she's not on her knee's, she'll be flat on her back, I want a rich dumb young nympho-maniac She doesn't want to marry, and she doesn't want to fight She doesn't give a damn if I stay out all night If I bring home another woman, she just gives me a smile We take off our clothes, and we jump in a pile! I want a rich dumb young, nympho-maniac, To ride me around, in her Cad-O-Lac When she's not on her knee's, she'll be flat on her back, I want a rich dumb young nympho-maniac La, lalala, lalalala lalalala Make her a magic fingers mama, who can roll a good doob, The best in the West at cooking Chinese food She doesn't like to shop, she doesn't like to wear clothes But she always compliments me at the size of my hose! I want a rich dumb young, nympho-maniac, To ride me around, in her Cad-O-Lac When she's not on her knee's, she'll be flat on her back, I want a rich dumb young nympho-maniac (2X) Hold it, wait a minute, hold it everybody..... There's something I forgot to telllllllllll you..... Please make her three feet tall.... so she stands about to here.... With a flat spot on her head so I can rest my beer! I want a rich dumb young, nympho-maniac, To ride me around, in her Cad-O-Lac When she's not on her knee's, she'll be flat on her back, I want a rich dumb young nympho-maniac
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