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  1. Ok, I have many theories to this song, and I love it, because i can relate so well. But anyways me and my friend pretty much Dissected every line and came up with our own theory, using some stuff we found on the web. Im not going to post that because its pretty long. Here is one of the things we found: An interpretation of this song is Chad feeling the pain of leaving his son behind to do his work with the band, much as his own father left him behind when he was a child. As with any Mudvayne song, one interpretation may not cover all the details, and each one is subjective. That is to say that there is no one "true" interpretation to Chad's lyrics. They're very deep, and Chad's voice functions more as another instrument than on the first record. i found that here It also has some stuff about the other songs on the End of All Things To come CD
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