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  2. Your own video arcade!

    Cool. Though the buttons are too small for my fat fingers.
  3. "Tantalus"

    Tantalus is both a winding/switchback road leading to the summit and the "mountain top" as well. Submitted for your approval, Jeff Peterson takes us on the road up the hill...;)
  4. It's the 40th anniversary of "Star Wars: Episode IV"! For the "Star Wars" fan in your orbit, here's a sound and sight extravaganza with the Original Sound Track on vinyl, complete with holograms! Beware! There be hand puppets lurking at the end of this video, armed with a suspicious looking potato...;)
  5. Bob's Burgers: The Bleaken

    Had enough of Christmas Muzak at the Mall? Here comes Linda Belcher, with a small dream for her (New Jersey?) seaside town to lift downtrodden spirits. But Teddy tells the kids that there's a malevolent spirit that sometimes visits, feeding on discord/anger, who steals the presents under the tree! But the kids vow to drive this foul beast out of town. How will this one hour special "Bob's Burgers" turn out? Point your magnifying glass at "Bob's Burgers: The Bleakening" and solve the case of the stolen Christmas ornaments!
  6. "Nine Days of One Year"

    "Nine Days of One Year" (Part Two) Return with us to the 1950's, when Nuclear power promised "clean and unlimited power," and the risks taken to harness/unleash this energy were enthusiastically taken up by elite scientists. Lyolya, a female physicist has two men to choose from, Ilya, a genius who specializes in the theoretical, and Mitya, a hands-on scientist in the tradition of Marie Curie. Mitya has already been exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, such that any more will end his life. Ilya, whom she is sorta engaged to, is expecting her answer when they visit Mitya at his institute, where they've succeeded in creating Plasma, which is needed for a thermonuclear reaction that will lead to nuclear fusion and unlimited power. Whom will Lyolya choose? The thinker or the "dragon's tail catcher"?
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  8. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    You Won't See Me - The Beatles . Been playing their songs lately.
  9. Last week
  10. Submitted for your approval, a song for members of the armed forces stationed far from home. It's a few days past the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack that thrust the United States into World War II, which was a battle between the Looters vs. the Conservators. Just a small reminder of what "Sacrifice" is about, that some forget and others know not the meaning.
  11. Silent Night

    Some animals sound better "doing Christmas songs" than others. Submitted for your approval, the "kitten chorus" will allow you to "sleep in heavenly sleep.";)
  12. Tic Tac Toe Song

    The human voice can be the most expressive/difficult to capture for recording boffins. Submitted for your approval, a performing artist who needs no musical instruments to make an impression that's the envy of any Rap or Scat singer. (I can see this performer could replace a stable of Foley artists for that "Italian post-dialogue" sound.;)
  13. 1992 "10 hour" Playlist

    It's 1992 and you're putting together a marathon of "The Songs of Slim Whitman" for the company's "Mars Attacks!"-themed Christmas party. But MP3s don't exist, nor stand alone CD changers, so what will you do to curry favor with the boss for that much needed "Christmas bonus"? Never fear, "Techmoan" to the rescue, with a 5-Compact-Cassette-Changer from Panasonic! And this time, the hand puppets make an appearance...along with a Potato!;)
  14. In this short-but-meaty interview with Rolling Stone, Eric Clapton talks about the most uncomfortable part of watching his documentary, Life in 12 Bars. There was one scene that I was really uncertain about, which was the semi-racial thing that went down during my worst period. I made remarks onstage about foreigners [at a show in Birmingham, England in 1976]. Being the drunk that I was, I just went on a rant. He goes on to explain how drugs made him unbearable, with only one person in his life that would stand up to him. Haven't seen the film, but I have heard some audio from that famous rant, where he said awful things about the "foreigners" in Britain. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/eric-clapton-on-addiction-cream-the-future-of-the-guitar-w512759
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  16. Your own video arcade!

    Do you miss those days of dropping quarters into video games at the local arcade? Is your "Man Cave" too small for a console video game? Step right up folks, you too can have four, yes 4 video games and have space left over for your can of cola! Once again, "Techmoan" has tested and approved (some) of these video games for young gamers, in time for Christmas. (Indeed, only the sub-30 club can even see the tiny LCD screens, let alone play these games with their tiny controls.) Sorry, no hand puppets were endangered during the production of this video.;)
  17. "Secret" (2007)

    This trip down the rabbit hole began with a YouTube search for "movies like 'Wreck It Ralph." This led to "Inside Out," which had a plot I'd heard of before. A Google! query led to the live action movie, "Poison Berry In My Brain," where a 30 year-old-woman's emotions are represented by young men. A sideways step led to Taiwan's Tam Kang Senioir High School of The Arts and the movie, "Secret." It ambles along as a teen romance movie, with strange overtones, which leads to a graduating class of 20 years ago. In one sense, this plays out like a "Twilight Zone" version of "The Shining."
  18. When Can I See You Again?

    I saw "Wreck It Ralph" late one night after looking for something better than "History" channel's "Alien" marathon. I wondered if the movie was half as good as the IMDb ratings and reviews suggested. Video games happened as I got into IBM clone computers for work, so I am a stranger to the Arcade Experience. Nevertheless, "Old Giant Hands" and "Vanellope" got under my skin, since it tells an Epic tale behind the scenes at the local game arcade. Submitted for your approval, something that as Nothing To Do With Christmas. (And is the main theme for "Wreck It Ralph." Get your quarters out, we're gonna play a game...
  19. John Lennon

    "Biographics" is YouTube information master Simon Whistler's latest channel. Usually, he goes: "Hello, I'm Simon Whistler and Today I Found Out..." But here he presents John Lennon of "The Beatles" fame, warts and all. (Since I'm neutral on The Fab Four, this is my Random Thought on a prominent musician, for Songfacts' sake.)
  20. Kind Hearts and Coronets

    Submitted for your approval, a 1949 Ealing Studios film that made Alec Guinness into an international film star! An unacknowledged branch of a stuffy, aristocratic family is determined to avenge his mother, who was "cut out of the family" in every way by murdering his way to a Dukedom. "Unsavoury!" you say? It's Britain's first Dark/Black comedy with flashes of wit to make you cheer for the dastardly bounder.;)
  21. Kalani Pe'a - "E Na Kini"

    A call to action to the people of Hawaii at the Hawaii Theater. E NA KINI Words and Music by: Ernest Kala E na kini o ka ‘aina e ala mai, a e ala pu O people of the land rise up!!, And rise up together!! , E na mamo o Hawai'i nei e ala mai, a e ala pu, O Hawaiian descendants rise up!!, And rise up together!! A imua na poki'i a inu i ka wai ‘awa'awa, And the younger generations move forward and drink the bitter water, A e mau ka lanakila, e na kini o ka ‘aina, The victory lives always, O people of the land, E na mamo o Hawai'i nei e ala mai, a e ala pu. O descendants of Hawai'i, rise up!!! (rise up together!!) I ka lawe, lawe a lilo, Acquire, acquire and receive, I ka pono, pono a mau, The rights, rights forever, Paio no ka pono e, e na kini o ka ‘aina Fight for the rights, O people of the land. I ka lawe, lawe a lilo Acquire, Acquire and receive. I ka pono, pono a mau The rights, rights forever, Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina i ka pono, The life of the land is preserved in righteousness. Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina i ka pono. The life of the land is preserved in righteousness. E na mokupuni o Hawai'i nei e ala mai, a e ala pu O islands of Hawai'i rise up!! And rise up together!! E na mano kini a lehu e ala mai, a e ala pu, O numerous multitude and masses rise up!!, And rise up together!! Mai Hawai'i o Keawe a Kaua'i o Manokalani, From Hawai'i of Keawe to Kaua'i of Manokalanipo, ‘Onipa'a mau, ‘onipa'a mau Steadfast always, steadfast always, E na mokupuni o Hawai'i nei, O islands of Hawai'i, E na mamo kini a lehu e ala mai, a e ala pu. O numerous multitudes and masses rise up!!, And rise up together!!
  22. As November turns into December, Townsend & Sons' attention turns to...Salt! Many modern folk get more than they need, but imagine not having any to preserve foods in pre-refrigeration Colonial America. Back then (1777) Britain's war to pacify the colonies made life without salt a trial, since salt making was one of the activities prohibited by imperial decree. (No textile mills, gun making, etc.) Sea salt, anyone?
  23. Westchester Lady

    I've been a tad down lately, since the 1960's-era pipes in the house have sprung a major leak. I don't know when/if the plumbing company will show up to repipe the house, so I've had to turn off the tap most of the time, or flood an outside corner of the house. So, I haven't been anywhere near the mall or doing any Christmas shopping. To "chase the clouds away," I took up with YouTube's (somewhat) wide music assortment. Eventually I settled on versions Jazz, and this live performance of Bob James' "Westchester Lady" puts a smile on my face for over 13 minutes. (I can see "Ebeneezer Scrooge" dancing to this tune.;)
  24. Christmas songs by Bob Rivers

    Submitted for your (dis)approval, Christmas songs that you will NEVER hear at the local shopping mall. ("Christmas At Ground Zero" is only funny if it's a remote possibility.) Now get back to your shopping!
  25. Step right up folks, have a gander at this joystick-and-buttons video game console with 800, count 'em, 800 arcade-level video games! Leave the quarters for laundry, this console has a coin button so you can play long enough to say: "What day is it? Really!?" Techmoan lets us into his video gamer youth (and drags a young relative into this pit!) to test the 2-player games. On your marks, get set, push "Play"!
  26. "The Flim-Flan Man"

    I heard Laura Nyro's song "Flim Flam Man" before I saw the movie, which popped up one day to TBS. It was quite interesting to see George C. Scott as the slipperiest con man instead of the usual "high concept" sage/hero. The folks owned Plymouth cars during the 1960's, so seeing a brand new red convertible Plymouth get turned into junk was a shock. This is a reminder that during the days leading up to Christmas, especially after Thanksgiving's Black Friday sales rush, "if it sounds too good to be true..." (Also, "Mordecai Jones" said: "You can't cheat an honest man.") Even a master deal maker can be taken by a canny conman, even if there's some kind of rapport.;) Laura Nyro - "Hands Off The Man (Flim Flam Man)"
  27. Cowboy Christmas Ball

    The Thanksgiving turkey has been carved up for sandwiches, and the Spirit of Black Friday is loose in the land. It's time for Christmas songs to come out of hiding and drench us with Yule spirit. And now for something completely different. It's time for the Cowboy Christmas Ball, far from Justin Bieberville and East of San Francisco, where Vince Guaraldi rules. Have boot scootin' time, y'all!
  28. Tavana - "Island Days"

    So you're on the mainland at school and Winter is getting you down. What does a homesick Hawaiian musician sing about when there's a blizzard out there, and cars are skating across icy roads? Outside, it's breezy and partly sunny, a great day to go Christmas shopping. (I think I'll wait another day for the Black Friday virus subsides.;)
  29. Sledding In Modern Times

    Out here, even in the Winter months, snow and ice are in short supply. So, the Hawaiians "surfed the land" (He'eholua) where ever there was enough of a hill to use the "land canoe." Adult supervision? Kids just wanna have fun. (And , as the narrator says, some "80-year-old kids" surf the land, too.)
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