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  2. British Ration Week

    Last week, while catching up on "The Great War" (World War I) with Indy Neidell, I followed a link to the "guns and ammo" video posts. (Is the British SMLE better than the German Mauser 98K?) Just to prove that even fans of the "Second Amendment" have other interests, I ran into this "behind the scenes" look at Great Britain's home front during World War II. I've seen "Foyle's War" and "Home Fires" Great Paxford, and "84 Charing Cross Road," far from the front lines. I'm aware that rationing in Great Britain didn't completely end until 1951, but the reality of "Welsh Rabbit" with rabbits shot on Lord Punkington's estate is sobering. See how you'd like to "go Vegetarian" in a big way as German bombs fell on London and the American Spam supply depended on Bletchley Park cracking the ENIGMA codes. (And you thought that "Russian Black Bread" was a digestive challenge!;)
  3. "Honolulu"

    Out here, the weather is "variable winds (what wind?) with afternoon cloudy/rainy afternoons" (hot, humid Kona weather). It's time to greet the upcoming weekend and get out of the house! (Spring isn't quite here, but this tune will get you moving.;)
  4. Audio Technica Sound Burger

    Welcome back to the 1980's! For the on-the-go LP enthusiast, check out Audio Techica's AT-727, also known as "The Sound Burger." It's an "on-the-level-only" LP and 45 RPM single player that runs off batteries or wall plug. For the not-very-serious-listener, plug your folded stereo headphones (supplied, usually) into the plug at the back or use the RCA plugs for your "Moritz Super Receiver." Techmoan had to "go to Japan" to avoid being outbid by crazed collectors, which led to a "Clean Lubricate Adjust" session, replacing no-longer-ready drive belts and other degraded-by-time "pots." This good-enough-for-portable-play unit has attracted "the usual suspects," who slapped together copies that make China the butt of 'junk tech" jokes. Sorry, no puppets...again.;)
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  6. I miss you, Fishies...

    I miss all of you fishies too.... It just isn't the same anymore, but I still do stop in from time to time. I miss talking about the music, songs, artists that we love and learning about new stuff from other fishies. The laughs, jokes, etc....I find that Facebook is starting to bore me. I try to post videos, quotes, songs etc... on Facebook and get very little response...Always could count on Songfacts for some good discussions and such..
  7. I miss you, Fishies...

    I do too. Made many deep connections and lasting relationships. This is still a good place to drop a thought, and we'll still be here.
  8. Hanalei Moon

    Peter Moon, late of The Sunday Manoa and The Peter Moon Band, died yesterday after a very long illness. (I've read that he was in a nursing home after suffering a stroke.) Here's a look behind the scenes in the studio as "Tropical Storm," The Peter Moon Band's first LP release was being recorded.
  9. I miss you, Fishies...

    I was just thinking the same, 'lena. I miss when the internet was our little secret.
  10. A search for a music video on YouTube turned up this French film about the Air Force. You can pay for the French original or try out this Spanish dub for free. It's amazing how I came upon this "poetry in the air" film from a "Top 10 Movie Dogfights" post, which started off with bogus/DFX epics and ended with this movie as #1!;) By the way, #2 was "The Sky Crawlers"!
  11. I miss the good old times when Songfacts was the current Facebook... Hope you all are doing well. And maybe one day Facebook will be a bore and we'll come back to our first fave site... <3
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  13. Sweet Lei Lehua

    I like the contrast between ukulele and upright bass. Like a chihuahua next to a great dane.
  14. The French Way (1940/1945)

    "Une Fausse Alerte" was filmed in 1940 and set during the Winter of 1939-1940, but the film wasn't released until 1945. Josephine Baker plays a cabaret owner/singer who shepherds a "Romeo and Juliet" couple who are kept apart by feuding parents. ("I am a descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte!" "No, you aren't!) The "Phony War" setting is a look at Paris suspended-between-war-and-peace, before the Summer Blitzkrieg of 1940 would sweep it all away. Reviewers have complained that there isn't enough of Josephine Baker's talent on screen to balance a predictable plot. What do you say about this "pre-war" French Bonbon?
  15. Sweet Lei Lehua

    An energetic trio that looks for Hawaiian songs that can be "tuned high" for Falsetto performances. Three old friends who have been playing in a "15 year marriage." of words and music.;) "Sweet Lei Lehua" Lyrics and chord details
  16. Name Something

    A Pinzgauer! Name a musical instrument that just looks weird to you.
  17. Name Something

    Watch Mojo Name a type of vehicle, you've never driven before.
  18. Life on a Colony ship

    Is life on Terra too boring? Do you hanker foe adventure? Can't get into "Starfleet Academy"? Don't watch this consideration of how/why to set up a colony in Space! (Seriously, this is a look at life on two different kinds of Colony spacecraft.) How many colonists? What kind of colonists? Who does what and why? Welcome aboard the "Nostromo," grab a wrench and start working on that %$#^! fusion reactor. If you don't fix it, we'll freeze or scavenge the ship for Gore Tex-like insulating material. Ain't space travel Cool?;)
  19. "Strawberry Moon"

    There have been all kinds of moons appearing of late, but here is an original by IZIK.;)
  20. February is finally over, and Spring is trying to arrive. Submitted for your approval, Andrew Zimmern, the Travel Channel's roaming Foodie in Hawaii. With a number of food cultures to be found, prepare to be...amazed? disgusted? shocked? Meh? If this is too much for you, just crack open a Cup Noodle, pour some no-longer-boiling-water into it, and do something else.;)
  21. It's time to play "where did I hear that and what is it called"? A number of cartoons, classic and otherwise have used snippets from Classical music, which leads to "WTF discoveries" later in life at piano recitals, concerts, etc. Got your earbuds unplugged? Let the games begin!;)
  22. Name Something

    Arby's does...fish!? Name a YouTube channel that "takes you out of the Gloom of Winter.";)
  23. Band Name Game III

    Eva Cassidy
  24. Kickstarter has helped a number of memorable/worthwhile endeavors to launch via Internet backers. However, there are some projects that have have proven less-than-ethical or worthwhile. By popular demand, "Techmoan" bought and "built" a simple (!) cardboard-box-bodied turntable. Is this something memorable/worthwhile or a ripoff? Proceed if you dare!
  25. Name Something

    Building a snowman Name the last commercial you watched from start to finish.
  26. Band Name Game III

  27. Band Name Game III

    Not interesting enough? Is there anybody out there? Carl Perkins
  28. Name Something

    So everybody cleans house with eBay? Oh well, let's try it again... Name your favorite Winter time drink or activity.
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