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  2. Stought13

    100 Greatest TV shows

    Oh, I miss the old TV shows. Thankfully, some are still available online. Now days, I am watching shows by Andy Yeatman with my kids but as soon as it is over, I will start with the old ones. It always bought a smile on my face and I really want that smile back.
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  4. Otokichi

    That's The Way I Like It

    It's about the middle of October, and things are both in the Past and ahead in the Future. Here's a look at KC & The Sunshine Band, talking about "That's The Way I Like It" and songs of the late 1970's. A bonus: Dutch subtitles for people who think English is "so 20th century.";)
  5. Otokichi

    Neck Speaker roundup

    Step right up, folks, you have only one neck to sacrifice on the altar of (sorta) High Fidelity music! It's "Techmoan" again, with "whiplash collar" noisemakers that will earn you the ire of people nearby. (Yes, these "I Hate You!" sound radiators will take you back to the "Ghetto Blaster" days toot suite.;) Do any of these things work as advertised? Only "Techmoan" knows for sure...
  6. Otokichi

    "Adam and Eve"

    An uptempo love song to guess who, featuring Guitar, audio EFX, and a multispeed vocal. Let's get it on!
  7. Otokichi

    Dark Space (2014)

    It's break time, so let's rent a spaceship, head for the equivalent of Miami beach and have Fun, Fun, Fun! However, a "smart aleck" diddles with the controls, and they're far from known Space. What could go wrong?
  8. Billboard is doing a retrospective of their Alternative Songs chart, which is 30 years old. This story is about "Cuts You Up" by Peter Murphy, which quotes our interview. Murphy is a rather nebulous interview, but he gave us a rather enlightening answer when we asked about that song. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8479703/peter-murphy-cuts-you-up-alternative-songs
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  10. Otokichi

    "Reel" History: 10 Best/Worst

    Every now and then, I run across analyses of a group of movies/TV/games that are like penny candy. (Tasty for a while, but gone all too soon) This one stuck, because a lot of these films aren't going to play at the local Corporate Cineplex anytime soon. Check out some of the also-rans and see if this reviewer knows his stuff. (Wonder Woman comics were that KINKY!?)
  11. Otokichi

    Techmoan on VinylVideo!

    Hello again, Steam Punkers! If you've got some custom video or music lying around that's "all you," here's proof that analog immortality can be yours. Yessir, even old sour grapes Thomas Edison would be thrilled to be immortalized in such a way. Let The Future see you in 45 RPM just before Old Sol turns into a red giant and wipes all trace of Terra's Homo sapiens away.;)
  12. Carl

    Chasing the name of a song and artist.

    Maybe this one? https://www.songfacts.com/facts/bic-runga/blue-blue-heart
  13. RonJonSurfer

    Chasing the name of a song and artist.

    https://www.last.fm/music/Hanson/+similar Good place to start.
  14. Otokichi

    Vinyl Video: LP video!

    I see that the new "Doctor Who" has arrived and she's shaken up the TARDIS freaks no end. With that in mind, here's "Techmoan" with a Steam Punker's Hip New Thing: sound and video from a 45 RPM vinyl record! Yep, you can be the first "Steam Boy" to have something that plays audio and video at will, without switching to another device. Don't be too put off by the "Eadward Muybridge"-level video, be amazed that the package delivers at all! (Sorry, no puppets.)
  15. Otokichi

    "Hoka Hey"

    Submitted for your approval, a frequent Maui visitor, Will Adams.
  16. Otokichi


    October is just around the corner, as what's left of Summer heat gives way to Autumn cool. (I can't get back to the Songfacts main section to check out this group.) Submitted for your approval, a song about changing seasons by a "two man band."
  17. Otokichi

    "None Shall Escape"

    This movie is playing today on Turner Classic Movies and on YouTube. It has two important distinctions: A movie about War Crimes trials after the end of World War II (while World War II was still on) and a "B Film" on a major subject produced by "poverty row" studio, Columbia Pictures. Another distinctive note: a strong female lead in the 1940's. Submitted for your approval as a movie landmark as significant in it's day as "The Great Dictator" to show what was going on "over there."
  18. Hi all - Am not sure how to describe it - I’m chasing a song that came out somewhere 2000-2006. It was sung by a young girl, and it was a gray song - and it was known because the girl who sang it sounded identical to Hanson. I was (am) a huge Hanson fan (please don’t kick me out lol!) but I suddenly remembered this song tonight and it’s now driving me crazy trying to remember it or find it! I just remember people saying to me “oh I actually LIKE Hanson’s new song!” And it wasn’t Hanson, but a young girl. I think it had the word “Blue” in either the song title or her name. She also wasn’t in a band, just by herself and she was playing a piano I think? Hope you know who I’m talking about / what song that was! Kristy
  19. The Kinks are becoming a popular choice for poignant moments, even here in America. Heard "Waterloo Sunset" in a big weepy scene somewhere recently.
  20. Edna always making great choices...even for funerals.
  21. Otokichi

    "The High Crusade"

    The 1994 "comedic farce" committed by Roland Emmerich is an expensive one-joke special EFX movie that goes nowhere and is best forgotten. Submitted for your approval is a "fan anime" that "tells the rest of the story." By the way, the reason that the 14th century English folk stayed "far from Britain" was the destruction of the star maps to Earth. I'd say that a Hollywood-sized reboot is in order, since the "backward people beat the high tech space-faring civilization"tale has happened. (At least once...so far.) "The High Crusade" audio book
  22. Submitted for your approval, a brand new QSL Quadraphonic LP! Techmoan's Internet connections have scored a made-in-USA Suzanne Ciani vinyl record for those who like "front to back" sound. The hardware is quite interesting, and the audio will take you back to 1990's New Age instrumental music featured on VH-1's "New Visions" TV show. An added bonus, The Moan Family puppets are on hand, talking about "Quad in the Automobile!;)
  23. "In My Life" - Beatles. "Days" - Kinks
  24. tomssf

    Who Sings This Song?

    Otokichi: I cannot believe it someone took off every single star spangled banner from trump rallies. I cannot find it anywhere, i will keep looking, if you happen to hear it before or after one of is new speech's please let me know, Thank You
  25. I was here 13 years ago and I know it's never too late to give an response.!!
  26. You probably already found this but I had everyone singing these camping the other day from memory and decided to look it up to find the rest of the songs.. lol I'm 38 now but used to love these.. They are on amazon prime. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FBL6QH8/ref=sr_1_1_rd?_encoding=UTF8&child=B07FBD2G33&qid=1536976701&sr=1-1%3C/a%3E Hopefully you're still paying attention to this old thread.. lol Cheers
  27. I agree Carl ; Joey is totally appropriate, every time I hear that it reminds me of a past relationship, no matter how much you want things to be perfect in that relationship you know they never will be 😪
  28. Maybe not perfect for this occasion, but "Joey" by Concrete Blonde is a pretty vivid description of being in love with an alcoholic.
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