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Standing On The Outside: The Songs Of Cold Chisel


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Standing On The Outside: The Songs Of Cold Chisel


A tribute to Cold Chisel

This album is an 18 track tribute to possibly the most popular Australian band of all time, Cold Chisel.

The album contains Cold Chisel songs covered by high profile Australian and New Zealand artists such as Ben Lee, Pete Murray, Something For Kate, Grinspoon, Thirsty Merc, Evermore, The Living End and others.

The special edition of this albums comes with a second CD containing all of the original songs performed by Cold Chisel.

This is one of the better tribute albums I've come across. I am most definitely a big Cold Chisel fan, so I was interested to see how their songs would be interpreted by different artists from vastly different genres. The results were mostly pleasing though. Stand out tracks were country musician Troy Cassar-Daley's version of 'Bow River', Grinspoon's cover of 'Saturday Night', Sarah Blasko's take on 'Flame Trees' and Ben Lee's interpretation of 'No Sense'. Evermore, Something For Kate and Thirsty Merc also do a decent job on their chosen songs.

I was most disappointed by Paul Kelly's butchering of Cold Chisel's all time classic and Austalia's quasi-anthem, 'Khe Sanh'.

This album makes for great listening. I got the two CD set, so I have Cold Chisel performing all the originals on the flip side. Definitely a great investment for Cold Chisel fans. This means you Chris, :laughing:

Track Listing:

The Living End - Rising Sun

Dallas Crane - Standing on the Outside

Pete Murray - Forever Now

Ben Lee - No Sense

Thirsty Merc - My Baby

Evermore - Water Into Wine

Paul Kelly - Khe Sanh

Troy Cassar-Daley - Bow River

Grinspoon - Saturday Night

You Am I - Houndog

Katie Noonan - Choir Girl

Something for Kate - When the War Is Over

Alex Lloyd - You Got Nothing I Want

Shane Nicholson - Cheap Wine

The Waifs - Four Walls

Sarah Blasko - Flame Trees

Augie March - Janelle

The Flairz featuring Dave Larkin - Shipping Steel

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I've heard four tracks (Khe Sanh, Rising Sun, Bow River and Flame Trees) from this album. Yeah, Paul Kelly's Khe Sanh is somewhat of a sacrelige to Australia's "most sacred song" ( :P ), but I like the other three. I don't think I'll buy the album though. I'm generally not a fan of tribute albums. :)

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