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Quiz August 2007

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Sarah from UK, England is this month's quiz winner and will receive a clean and comfortable

SongFacts t-shirt. :coolio:

Here are the answers:

1. What band made up of one man and one woman has sold the most albums worldwide?


2. Who had #1 hits in the U.S. as a member of a group, solo artist, and as part of a duet?

There were many correct answers for this question. Here is a handful.

Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Paul McCartney, Peter Cetera, Diana Ross, Phil Collins

3. What song was originally recorded by a girl group and later became a hit when two male singers recorded it as a duet?

"Dancing In The Street"

Originally recorded by Martha and The Vandellas in 1964.

Mick Jagger and David Bowie recorded it as a duet in 1985.

4. What group was named after a sculpture in Seattle?


5. Who was the first rap group to guest star on the Simpsons?

Cypress Hill

6. What female singer who fronted an 80's pop group is married to a former tennis star?

Patty Smythe

Smythe married pro tennis player John McEnroe.

7. What song has the same name of a street that a famous fictional detective lived on?

"Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty.

This is the street that detective Sherlock Holmes lived on.

8. Name a father and son not named Lennon or Iglesias who each had a U.S. Top-10 hit as a solo artist?

Johnny and Rocky Burnette

Hank and Hank Jr. Williams

9. In 2007, Prince recorded a song as part of a tribute album for which singer?

Joni Mitchell

Prince covers her song, "A Case Of You."

10. What famous singer has two consecutive "A"s in his last name?

Chris Isaak

Congratulations to Sarah and thanks to everyone who entered this month's quiz. :thumbsup:

Head on over to SongFacts main page and enter our new quiz by clicking on the quiz link.

Songfacts :headphones:

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