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I have a standing bet that I can find the title and artist of a song provided there is no time limit. This one's a toughie, tho.

The info: A song by a band circa 1986 with a female singer and a sample of breaking glass. The other party says it got heavy airplay when she was in Seattle, WA.

If anybody knows/remembers any songs with the "breaking glass" sample from mid-80's ('85, '86,'87-ish), possibly from a local Seattle garage band, I'd appreciate any clues. It may be mainstream pop, not top 100 (or even top 200). I'm fairly certain it's not country, gospel, or anything other than pop/rock.

That's it, gang. Let's see what we can come up with. I'll even grant the winning answer a prize of their naming (within reason, of course).

-The Bodhisattva

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Right, this is just what I came up with in the short time I researched the info you gave me, so it could be wrong, but here we go.

The gits were a punk rock band fronted my Mia Zapata, active from 1986 - 1993. Orginally from Ohio, they moved to seattle and quickly established a following, which would make sense what with Seattle being into the whole grunge / punk rock scene back then.

So, I found you a band fronted by a woman,

from seattle

in the mid to late eighties

who, being a punk rock band could have used a breaking glass sample in a track.

All you have to do now is try to find the song.

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