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  1. You ROCK!!! For those of you curious, the title is "I'm Shipping Up To Boston". Laurie, I owe you my first born (who, incidentally, sent me on this quest)
  2. Alrite, folksies, another request for those who know everything about everything musical. I'm looking for a pirate song, wasn't given any lyrics, but it is the theme song for the monster truck "Captain's Curse". It's modern, heavy lead in with accordian or fiddle, sounds VERY Celtic. You can hear the song in the background of some of the 2008 videos for "Captain's Curse" on YouTube. Make me proud.
  3. (shaking head) See, that's the problem with the younger generation..they think it's THEIR generation. Hell, their newer stuff is nowhere NEAR as great as their early stuff when Hillel Slovak was lead guitarist in the days of "Freaky Styley" or "the Uplift Mofo Party Plan". Back in those days they relied more heavily on Flea's talent and Anthony's voice was a lot more gutteral. If you ever hear "Catholic School Girls Rule", you'll know what I mean. And listen to their "Higher Ground" cover from some of John's early days witht he band..that track KICKS ASS PERIOD. After "Blood Sugar.."
  4. Good answer - but not the right one. That was such a good lead, tho, that in listening to them I bought the album! The game is still afoot...
  5. I've covered this topic so many times with friends, I'm quickly prepared with my "Top Covers" list: 1 "Sympathy For The Devil" Jane's Addiction/Rolling Stones (MUST HEAR) 2 "I Will Survive" Cake/Gloria Gaynor 3 "Everybody Knows" Leonard Cohen/Concrete Blonde (tough call, original or cover - both excellent) 4 "Everybody Hurts" REM/The Corrs (Andrea's voice is so evocative...) 5 "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)" Eurythmics/Marilyn Manson & "Tainted Love" Soft Cell/Marilyn Manson (couldn't decide which Manson cover I liked better) There are probably more but those are ri
  6. I have a standing bet that I can find the title and artist of a song provided there is no time limit. This one's a toughie, tho. The info: A song by a band circa 1986 with a female singer and a sample of breaking glass. The other party says it got heavy airplay when she was in Seattle, WA. If anybody knows/remembers any songs with the "breaking glass" sample from mid-80's ('85, '86,'87-ish), possibly from a local Seattle garage band, I'd appreciate any clues. It may be mainstream pop, not top 100 (or even top 200). I'm fairly certain it's not country, gospel, or anything other than pop/
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