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Blue Fish

A want to be a Lazy dog.

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I really want to be a dog.

Oi, none of that and I’ll explain

I could lay in the sun on a country lane

That’s why I want to be a dog

Or maybe a noble racehorse

Or not, I don’t like getting steaming hot

Or breaking my leg and being shot

So not a noble racehorse.

A Raven Maybe then?

Pretty colors shining blue

And gunmen taking shots at you,

No, not a Raven either

A stupid sheep then, for fun

What’s fun in knowing nothing?

Being only able to baa, not sing?

Okay, sheep are stupid anyway

A wild buffalo!

Galloping on parched dry plains,

Hunted, by Lions, when it rains

Ah, yes, bad idea buffalo.

A dog it is!

It’s plain to see

Or maybe I’ll just be me

And not a lazy dog.

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