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Radney Foster (Keith Urban's "Raining On Sunday")


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This morning I got a phone call from maybe the most prolific singer/songwriter nobody's ever heard of. His name is Radney Foster.

Radney has been composing songs since he was 16, had a string of country hits in the 80s, and has had the Dixie Chicks, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Brooks and Dunn, and Sara Evans record his songs.

First thing I said to him was "Bless you for 'Raining On Sunday.' It was what introduced me to Keith Urban." He laughed and said the reason for that song is what introduced him to his third son. :grin: (it's a song about staying inside on a Sunday and thinking of better things to do...)

Radney's earlier hits include "Just Call Me Lonesome," which I confessed to him I'd always thought had been Dwight Yoakum singing that one (turns out he gets that comment a lot and doesn't have a clue why), and he did "Nobody Wins," which is a great song I remembered from the radio years ago.

He's a family man with a lot on his plate, and a sense of humor in the right place. He says he dig deep down into his soul when he writes, and so something of himself is in every last one of his songs - every one of them has a special meaning for him. And I got him to talk about some of those for the songfacts.

So be on the lookout and we'll let everybody know when they're uploaded!

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