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Songfacts - Low Rider

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Songfacts - Low Rider

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Low riders are either cars or trucks which have had their suspension system modified (usually with hydraulic suspension) so that it rides as low to the ground as possible. Low riders usually have user controlled height adjustable suspension. Low riders are usually classic cars from the 1950s which rode low to begin with, although large numbers of 1940s and 1960s cars are also so modified, and to a lesser degree newer vehicles. The word is also used to refer to those who drive or own such cars.

Low riders are usually flashy, show-quality custom vehicles. People outside of the custom car culture often find these additions over-the-top and funny looking. The exteriors typically feature expensive custom paint-jobs (the best are usually referred to as candy) that consist of several thin layers of different colors, metal oxide flake or pearl flake, clear coat, metal leaf, airbrushed murals or script, pinstripes, flames or any other hand-painted graphics, or any combination of the above. Low riders traditionally feature small gold or chrome spoke wheels (able to tuck beneath the wheel well and allow the lowest ride height, but they can look out of proportion when the car is raised to stock ride height), with or without knockoffs and whitewall tires. Other common custom exterior enhancements are; body kits or skirts, extensive use of chrome or gold, neon or LED lights, curb finders, tinted windows, antennas or fins and continental kits (a full matching spare on display in a case). The most detailed vehicles have engine, exhaust and performance modifications

Custom interiors are also very popular and are most commonly fabricated in leather, tweed, or velvet. Other common custom interior enhancements are; the use of woodgrain panels or interior paint, neon or LED lights, chrome or gold accents, cosmetic mirrors, after-market steering wheels (of which a chain-link steering wheel is iconic), and various fuzzy objects that hang from the headliner or rear-view mirror. Many low riders now feature any combination of mobile electronic audio and video devices, most stereotypically a loud audio system that features a powerful amp and large subs (or woofers) and primarily focuses on producing a great deal of bass.

On the other hand, (aside from the stance) other low riders pass for restored stockers. Especially those based on 1930s-1960s American cars.

Many low riders feature custom hydraulic suspension systems that allow the driver to alter the ride height at will. These systems range from simple to complex and are usually measured by the amount of switches used to control the various hydraulic combinations that ultimately produce a specific motion from the vehicle. The most common motions are dipping or raising the four corners of the vehicle (referred to as corners), dipping and raising the front or rear of the vehicle (front, back), dipping or raising the sides of the vehicles (side to side), and lowering or raising the vehicle as a whole (pancake). A skilled switch operator can manipulate his controls (hitting switches) to raise one wheel completely off the ground (3-wheel motion), or to bounce one end of the car completely off the ground.

Low riders were originally unique to Chicano culture then becoming part of Latino culture as a whole, but have since become common to urban youth culture in general. Today the low riding scene is diverse with many different cultures, vehicle makes and visual styles. Essentially all the options available to today's custom automobile creator are also available to the low rider builder, and low rider style varies greatly from region to region.

Summer is the most popular season for low riders, as the weather often encourages being outside either in or nearby the vehicle.

Since the early 1990s, Low riders (and other aspects of Chicano culture) have become a prominent feature in hip hop culture, primarily in West Coast hip hop where the 1964 Chevy Impala rag-top is widely considered to be the most desirable low rider, and Daytons are widely considered to be the most desirable manufacturer of spoke rims.

All my friends know the low rider

The low rider get a little higher

The low rider drives a little slower

Low rider is a real goer

Hey low rider knows ev'ry street, yea

Low rider is the one to meet, yea

Low rider don't use no gas now

The low rider don't drive too fast.

Take a little trip, take a little trip

Take a little trip and see.

Take a little trip, take a little trip

Take a little trip with me.

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