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Looking for "African" theme song from a movie

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I am trying to find the title to and the singers of a specific piece of music. Sadly, I have very little information to go on. I think it formed the opening credits to a film/movie and I would describe it as an African tribal chant sort of thing. Any suggestions?


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This is really a stretch, but your question did deja vu on me. I remember half-watching (possibly channel surfing and dozing) a not-so-old movie on TV late one night and music at the opening credits was just what you describe. I did watch the closing credits to see if there was a soundtrack available or a title for the piece, but I must have struck out. The music was great but I remember almost zilch about the movie. I think it might have been set in the US rural South. I vaguely remember a pick-up truck on a dusty road.

I may be completely out of sync with you and probably not much help. Good luck.

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