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It's 2:19 on the CD player driving down this highway of lonely hearts

The envy meter's full on the dashboard, but my patience is running on fumes

Seems like so lon ago, no no no, no no no

I'm breaking down, Breakin Down, Breakin down I'm breakin down x2

My blood is so hot but I'm so cold the entire road is frozen

Slip-slidin my way downtown, my soul barely intact


I don't want her back but how could you do this to me? I thought you were a friend x4

It's 2:19 again with my childhood friend sittin next to me

I told him "Love's not a word to be thrown around so god damn lightly"

He said ramble on so I'll sing that song

he's never heard it before

Ramble On, Sing My Song, On My Way, Ramble On x2


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