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I've been checking out some of the smaller venue shows lately and have seen some really great shows, so I thought I'd share a few and see if anyone else has seen them around...

Brandi Carlilse - self titled cd. She opened for Ray Lamontagne here in the ATL. Ray was great,of course,

but this chick blew me away. Bought her cd that night.

Sam Shaber - this girl played with Edie Carey (one of my wife's favorites) and this girl is a riot. She will be recording a live album in Chicago this month I believe.

A couple others that may be a little more established...

Angie Aparo - This is the guy who wrote the song 'Cry' that Faith Hill butchered.

Willy Porter - This guy was flat out amazing. Excellant guitarist and has a lot of fun on stage.

If anyone gets the chance to see any of these folks, I would recommend any of them. You can probably get more info on their websites if you want it.


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