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Trey Anastasio: What's Your Opinion?

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I am just interested to see what other people think of Trey Anastasio (the guitarist of Phish). I'll re-post my opinion of him and my justification for why I think he is so astoundingly good:

The way to judge a guitarist: ingenuity, sound (how good and how unique), speed, and delivery. Does anyone else in the world sound like Trey? No. No one can imitate the sound that comes out of his guitar-- the only other person who I can really think of who is similar on that level is Jimi--and listen to "Weekapauge Groove" (preferrably live) to hear what I am talking about. Trey's innovativeness in writing is quite well exemplified in many songs but one to take a look at is Guyute. As for speed and delivery, "RUN LIKE AN ANTELOPE" (in my opinion, the jam in that song is the epitome of jamming). Also, for a little bit of all the great elements, especially sound and delivery, a wonderful song to listen to is a live version of Divided Sky. In addition, keep in mind that virtually none of Trey's solos are in one key, that he can somehow hear the seemingly random notes his bassist and pianist (Mike and Page, respectively) are playing while simultaneously playing perfect correlating notes. It's quite impressive. Finally, I'm not saying Trey is THE greatest, just one of them.

So, if you haven't heard him, give him a try. Otherwise I'd just like to here what people think since I never seem to get responses about the musical aspect of my posts that are within another person's subject (it was unnecessary of me to refer to the use of a word that didn't exist when obviously everyone knew what was intended to be communicated).

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