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Mission of Burma

Young Marble Giants

The Feelies

Has anybody heard of them?

Each released one album in the early '80s. Each was great in its own right.

Mission of Burma was an excellent punk band. They explode with such a high standard of arty intensity unmatched by any band I have heard. Song to check out: "That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate".

Young Marble Giants were a quirky band from Wales. With a funky bass, choppy guitar, shrill organ, drum machine (no drummer), and female vocals, they released some the most striped-down, catchy punk ever recorded. Song to check out: "Credit In The Straight World".

The Feelies are my favorite of the three, and probably the most well-known. Think REM meets Weezer, with a dash of Elvis Costello. Great guitar, great lyrics, and extremely catchy. Song to check out: all of them, but my faves are "Crazy Rhythms" and "Raised Eyebrows".

If you're looking for some good music from some forgotten bands, check out these songs for a start.

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