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guitar fest, Dallas


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Was Totally Awesome!

it was beyond words!

My B.B. King has my utmost respect!

He had a killer jam session with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Vaughn, Buddy Guy, and another gentleman that just blew me away!

Mr King just kept asking "what else do you want to play?"

to the other musicians. As they were finishing one song, he was ready for another.

He told us hes 78 years old.

From James Taylor, to Carlos Santana, to the enevitable Joe Walsh, to ZZ Top, and not to mention Many many more!

It was a complete Honor to be part of history!

I am really glad I had this Oppurtunity.

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well, there were several large cameras there.

I can easily count 4.

I do know our local station is playing alot of songs that were done then.

If I were to have to guess, Id say, Yeah.

they are probably gona do some kind of dvd,

clips, or whatever. =:P

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Early on Saturday I was asked to get out of the way of one camera, so definitely they were filming. And then I saw other cameras throughout the site. If anyone finds out about a film, please post something. It wasn't Woodstalk or anything, but so much talent :guitar: in one place at one time. It was very cool.

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Yeah, my friend won tickets and the whole shebang on the radio... lucky lucky!! He said they were selling a $2000 Dark Side of the Moon clock, signed by Pink Floyd with a plaque that said In celebration of TIME and another that had the lyrics engraved on it. After he told me, I was like, I WANT ONE!! :jester: :jester:

Seriously though, I'd have bought it had I been there... ::

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