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Timing is Everything

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Hi all! A tip to make your board experience even better :) I'm sure many of you have already figured this out, but just to point it out to anyone that hasn't....

The default time on the Songfacts message boards is Pacific Daylight Time, which is because that is where our server resides :). For anyone that lives outside of the PDT zone, like me, the clock will be off along with the time stamp on posts. You can correct this by changing the settings in your account, here's how:

Click the "My Home" link in the menu at the top of the page > under Main Configuration at the bottom of your home page > click the "Edit" link next to Display preferences...

The second setting is about the time, and will look like this:

Current server time is: 05/26/04 10:55 AM

Choose your time offset in hours (..,-2,-1,0,1,2,..)

enter the difference in hours that your time is from the time displayed. For example, I live on the East coast which is 3 hours ahead, so I put 3. Someone in Hawaii would put -3 because they are 3 hours behind.

Don't forget to click "Submit" at the bottom of the page! The times will automatically adjust on all posts (past & future) and on your board clock.


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